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Health Insurance Quotes in Switzerland – What to Consider Before Signing Up for a Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is an important thing to have, and selecting a quote that is best suitable for you and your family can be a complicated process. This article breaks down things to consider before signing up for a health insurance policy.Health Insurance Quotes in Switzerland 

In Switzerland, it is your responsibility to have your Swiss health insurance.Health Insurance Quotes in Switzerland Foreigners can’t sign up for healthcare until they have arrived in Switzerland and have applied for their Swizz residence permit or have registered their residence with the local commune. After arriving, you have 90 days to join a Swiss health insurance plan or apply for an exemption.

Before considering what to consider before signing up for health insurance, we should know what things Health Insurance Quotes in Switzerland are covered by public health insurance.

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What does public health insurance cover By Consider

State health insurance covers 80-90% of medical costs; this excludes the first CHF 300 of annual treatment costs and daily fees for hospital stays.

If you work eight hours or more per week, your employer’s insurance covers you against accidents. But if the employer does not offer health insurance cover, then you must get additional accident coverage. 

If an accredited specialist performs alternative therapy like acupuncture, pharmacotherapy, and homeopathy, insurance also covers them. Furthermore, insurance covers cancer screenings like mammograms cover and colon cancer screenings for those aged over 50. Dental care cover is only valid for emergency treatment relating to severe mouth or jaw disorders or diseases.

You can get Antenatal classes, childbirth expenses, and abortion in Maternity care. Medical devices like inhalers or incontinence devices, bandages are covered. Medical transport covers half the costs. Medication covers 80-90% of prescriptions, mental healthcare covers services including psychotherapy. Gynecological screenings and treatment abroad are also covered. Inclusions also specify Vaccinations.

Hospital visits are covered, inpatient, outpatient, and emergency treatment. Eye care covers children aged up to 18 for prescriptions of glasses and contact lenses up to CHF 180 a year. Adults with severe visual conditions are also included.

Anyone, including a foreigner living or working in Switzerland, will typically need to take out Swiss health insurance once they are an official resident or have received a permit.

However, some exemptions include pensioners who draw a pension exclusively in an EU or EFTA state, the cross-border workers who have insurance of another EU state, a temporary resident in Switzerland, and staff of international organizations embassies and consulates.

Also, you can be eligible for insurance if you are an EU citizen visiting for less than three months. This insurance cover is offered under Swiss healthcare at reduced cost and is only available by European Health Insurance Card.

To keep in mind, health insurance firms in Switzerland will expect you to pay fees upfront and then claim for the reimbursements afterward. This claim should include a claim form and necessary invoices and receipts. This reimbursement can take few weeks to come through.

Private health insurance companies For Consider

Although Switzerland’s public health care system is sound, many people choose a supplementary package to access a broader and better range of services. Private health companies provide additional supplementary packages. Dental treatment, specialist treatments, and complementary treatment such as osteopathy, private healthcare services, and benefit during a hospital stay are perks of private health insurance. 

Health insurance for unemployed and low earners

Switzerland’s healthcare system provides different plans for the unemployed or people with lower income. So before signing up, you should know about this. People are eligible for a premium reduction in the form of a government subsidy. This is administered at the local level; eligibility and amount are not fixed, and it varies across the cantons. If you are entitled to a subsidy, you are contacted by your cantonal authority after filing your annual tax return. Or, you can contact your local canton to make inquiries about it.

What happens If you do not sign up for health insurance?

If a person fails to purchase health insurance in Switzerland within the three-month deadline, the local authorities will sign them up for a plan, which might mean paying higher premiums. Anyone in Switzerland without an insurance plan will not be able to access Swiss health services other than emergency treatment which they will be billed to them.

How can one pay a lower Health insurance premium?

Some ways allow people to reduce their monthly premiums.

They can choose a policy with a restricted choice of doctor or health maintenance organization (HMO).  One can opt for the Telmed policy, and this is where you have to call a helpline service and get a referral to a doctor.

Or one can pay a lump amount of money upfront. This can allow people to get a discount of 2% annually.

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Hope you attained some understanding of things to consider before signing up for an insurance policy in Switzerland. You can read this when you want to know more about lowering health insurance premiums, subsidies by the government, and auto cover if you don’t sign up for a health policy in three months.

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