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Gym Shorts – Factors Impacting our Health & Fitness

How gym shorts improve your health and fitness? We have always read the words ‘health’ and ‘fitness’. We use it personally when we state phrases like ‘health is wealth’ & ‘fitness is the key’. What does the word health mean? It suggests the thought of ‘being well’. We consider a person healthy and fit when he/she works well physically & mentally. So wear your gym shorts and start the workout.

Factors Impacting our Health & Fitness

Good health & fitness is not something which a person can achieve entirely on our own. It relies on their physical surroundings and the quality of food consumption. We live in communities, urban areas, and cities.

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In such places, even our physical environment influences our health. Therefore, our social responsibility of air contamination-free atmosphere directly affects our health. Our everyday practices also define our fitness level. The high quality of food, air, water all helps in building our fitness level.

Role of Diet and Health

The first option about where health starts is food. We must take nutritious meals. Meals rich in protein, nutrients, minerals, and carbohydrates are very important. Protein is necessary for body growth. Carbs provide the needed energy in performing various tasks. Nutrients and minerals assist in strengthening bones and boosting our immune system.

However, using food in uneven amounts is not good for the human body. Taking essential nutrients in the appropriate amount is called a well-balanced diet. Taking a balanced diet maintains a strong and healthy diet. Good food assists in better sleep, proper mind functioning, and healthy body weight.

Include veggies, fresh fruits, and pulses in day-to-day diet. A person must have a 3-course meal. Having roughage aids in cleansing internal body organs. Balanced meals habit prevents a variety of diseases. Reducing the amount of fat in eating habits reduces cholesterol and heart diseases.

Gym Shorts - Factors Impacting our Health & Fitness

Impact of Exercise on our Health

Regimen exercise helps enhance muscle power. Put on gym shorts and start exercising as it helps in effective oxygen supply and blood flow all through the body. The cardiovascular system and lungs work effectively. Our bones get strong as well as joints have pain free movement.

We must daily invest at least twenty minutes in our exercise. Daily morning walk improves our fitness level. We should avoid strenuous Gym activities. Exercise burns off our excess fat and regulates the LDL cholesterol range in the body. Various outdoor activities like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. keeps our bodies fit. Regular exercise maintains our body shape.

Meditation, Yoga, and Health

Wake up in the morning, wear your exercise clothes or gym shorts and you are ready to go. The morning breeze helps you relax and calm down. Meditation and stretching exercises have been part of our lifestyle since the old period. They not only build us physically healthy but mentally sturdy as well. Meditation increases our focus level. Our mind gets at ease and thinking becomes constructive.

A hale and hearty mind are crucial for a fit body. Yoga makes us anxiety-free and improves the stamina power of the mind. Yoga controls our blood pressure. Along with yoga, a strong bond with nature is established. Meditation is considered the best means to fight depression.


A person stays more content when he/she is in shape and healthier. A fit and healthy person is lower susceptible to acute diseases. The healthy and fit brain responds more effectively in a stressful situation. The self-confidence of a person is enhanced. The chances of heart failure are lower significantly. The increased immunity provides energy to a body so that it could fight malignant cells.  

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