Greenfield Banking Company – What is greenfield banking?

Greenfield Banking Company is situated in Greenfield and is the 22nd biggest bank in the province of Indiana. It is likewise the 1,241th biggest bank in the country. It was established in 1871 and since September 2020, it had developed to 122 representatives in 7 areas. Greenfield Banking Company has an A grade in its field.

Greenfield Banking Company

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In 1871, Ulysses S. Award was the leader of the United States. During the Civil War only six years back, there were 37 states in the Union. The railroad across the landmasses was finished, yet horses and carriage were as yet the worthy method to travel. Greenfield, Indiana, was a flourishing city of over 1,000 individuals. The city required a bank to continue to develop. Five far-located money managers, Nelson Bradley, J.

Ward Walker, Morgan Chandler, S.T. Dickerson, and H. Swope, understanding this need, set up a stock organization with the aim of maintaining a financial business. On September 4, 1871, the new bank made its way for business and the Greenfield Banking Company started working for a long time without break in broad daylight.

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Proceed today and you will see a completely fledged public bank in the networks they serve. Greenfield, Fortville, Cumberland, McCordsville, and New Palestine all have Greenfield Banking Company offices to serve their residents and organizations.

The bank’s central command, which was migrated in 1999 to its new area at the convergence of State Road 9 and New Road, housed the organization’s workplaces, the Main Branch Office, and Wealth Management. The GBC Head Office, Downtown Office (once Main Office), and Meridian Road Office are converged with their workplaces outside Greenfield which structure 7 Greenfield Banking Company premises.

For over 148 years Greenfield Banking Company has presented best in class monetary and individual, cordial help arrangements. This help is advanced by the organization’s way of life of local area contribution, backing, and responsibility.

They have offered monetary help and staff volunteers to numerous associations throughout the long term. They uphold nearby school projects and sports projects, expressions and culture associations, their local area library, and a neighborhood medical clinic to give some examples. Their representatives are engaged with numerous business, social, and administration associations. Each mid-year they host and support free, proficient, outside shows, on Friday night in June and July held in Greenfield.

Their rundown of help and local area contribution is the length of their set of experiences and they are pleased to live, work and serve their networks. As they move into the following 100 years of administration, their firm, self-supporting standards will drive their prosperity. Their loaning practices, items, and transmission channels will give comfort, innovation, and secure banking.


For over 146 years, Greenfield Banking Company (GBC) has presented tweaked, great answers for its clients and shoppers in focal Indiana. GBC gives an exhaustive line of buyer, rural, little, and business undertakings just as store items and top to bottom monetary administration administrations. GBC Wealth Management offers a wide scope of choices in speculation the board and trust administrations to help the requirements of their clients and organizations.

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