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GRE Exam Fees- A Complete Overview Of All The Cost

GRE Exam Fees- A Complete Overview Of All The Cost

GRE or the Graduation Record Examination is a doorway for international students seeking admissions to the world’s top universities. ETS or the Educational Testing Service conducts the exam at various dates spread across the calendar. The fees for the

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Here are a concern for Indian students, and there is a feeling that the cost is overly high. Seeing from the perspective of an average Indian middle-class family, a fee of INR 15,800 or $213 is high. But seeing the whole exam only from the expense standpoint is a bit of injustice towards the entire system.

Those students who score well, and the majority of students who do hard work, certainly score well witness a paradigm shift in their lives. Getting a degree from the top universities of the world dramatically increases students’ employability, and it’s a one-time investment for a lifetime return. So, in the first instance, taking the GRE might appear like a pricey affair, but in the end, the perks are endless. 

What’s the exam fee for the GRE?

The GRE exam fee is the same for all the countries except India and China. In India, the GRE fee is $213 or INR 15800. The last figures may witness some minor changes due to exchange rates. The GRE fee is also known as the GRE registration fee or the GRE application fee, and these are just different names for the exam fee. The fee mentioned in the GRE General Test fee, while for the Subject Test, the fee is $150 or INR 11,200.

What’s the fee for rescheduling the GRE?

There are several instances wherein a student feels the need to postpone the test. It’s always better to give the test on a convenient date than giving it half-heartedly or in the midst of a problem. This will seriously affect the score, and months of preparation will go in vain. ETS understands the needs of students and gives them the option to postpone the test date. However, the postponement comes at a price, and students have to pay $50 as GRE reschedule fee for rescheduling their GRE test. The exam rescheduling must be done no later than four days before the test date; otherwise, the exam fee will be forfeited.

Not only this if a student wants to change the subject in the GRE subject test, but ETS also has a provision to do so. An applicant can change the subject by paying a fee of $50 as subject change fee, and this provision is available to all the students.

What’s the GRE Test Centre change fee?

An applicant might feel the need to change the GRE test center due to some change in place of residence or due to any other issue that may warrant the change in the test center. ETS gives students the liberty to change their test center by paying a fee of $50. 

What’s the cost of Standby testing in GRE Exam?

There can be a possibility wherein a student may want to take the test in the nearest test center as a standby. ETS provides this option but after paying a fee of $25. However, this is subjected to the availability of sufficient space, test materials, and staff at the desired test center. So, to appear as a standby, one should appear before 8.15 am.

What’s the charge for late GRE Exam registration?

If someone missed the registration dates, it could be done by paying an extra $25 as late registration charges. It is for those students who fail to register due to any unforeseen reason.

What’s the refund rule in canceling the GRE?

ETS provides the option of a refund in case a student chooses not to take the exam. The refund is made into the bank account through which the payment was made. There is no provision for a cash refund. ETS has a very clear policy with respect to cancellation and refund of the fee. The cancellation request must be made no later than four full days prior to the test date, and else there will not be any refund. The refund amount within the cancellation time will be 50% of the original test fee. 

The refund rules in cancellation are as follows:

  • The test should be canceled at least four days prior to the original test date; beyond this, there is no provision for any refund whatsoever.
  • Even in case of timely cancellation, the fee amount to be refunded will be half of the original test fee. 
  • The test can be canceled by logging into the ETS account or by contacting GRE services via phone or email. 
  • In case of cancellation through email, one must correctly fill in personal details like name, date of birth, address, registration number, and test date.

What’s the GRE score reporting Exam fee? 

After qualifying for the GRE, the applicant needs to send their scores to various universities. ETS sends the score report to four universities that an applicant has chosen at the time of registration. These reports are sent free of cost, and there are no additional payments to be made as the cost is already included in the registration fee. However, there are several instances wherein a student wants to send the score report to more than four universities. In those cases, ETS charges a fee for sending the Additional Score Reports(ASR). The cost per ASR is $27 or INR 2007, and each time, a student has to pay this amount for sending the ASR to a university after the first four ASRs sent free by the ETS. 

What is the accepted mode of payments for paying different types of fees related to GRE?

ETS provides a range of services to the students, from changing test centers to rescheduling the test dates. To avail of these services and make payment for registration, one need to use the following method of payment: 

Credit/Debit Card (American Express®, Diners Club International®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, Rupay Global, UnionPay®, and Visa®).

Note: Any credit/debit card branded with one of the seven accepted credit card logos can be processed.

  • PayPal®
  • E-Check Service (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only)
  • Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher

There is one more mode of payment, and that is a personal paper check. Make payable to ETS-GRE (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only). However, paying through online mode via debit and credit card is the most preferred mode of payment as there is an instant confirmation regarding the payment. There is no provision for a cash payment for any of the services or for the registration process. 

The cost of the GRE exam has several constituents, and the overall cost can be minimized if there are no services availed. Few services like sending additional score reports may feature in the overall cost since applicants have to approach several universities with their score reports. At the same time, expenses like change in the test center, cancellation of the test can be curtailed for sure, and it will save a considerable amount. 

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