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Good Reasons Why Web Design Matters

Website is the façade of your online business, Good Reasons Why Web Design Matters so web design matters. Studies have repeatedly reported the importance of a good web design because it affects your consumer’s experience, generates a lead, and finally enhances your sales conversions. 

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Inspiring facts about why web design matters

  • 75% of users judge the credibility of a company based on the website’s aesthetics and visuals. Good Reasons Why Web Design Matters
  • 94% of users are focused and driven by the first impression of a web design.
  • In 50 milliseconds visitors form an impression about your web design.
  • 38% of users bounce away from your website if the layout and content are unappealing.

Good design definition differs from one person to another. All the web designs use basic elements like size, shape, and color. A good web design applies these elements creatively and creates a consistent visual language. 

Just like there is a calculable difference between communicating in good or bad English language, there is a good and bad web design thing. You can check out webdesign by Mementor in Oslo, Norway to see how the professionals communicate visually with your prospects and existing customers. 

Specific reasons why good web design matters


Visuals communicate with ease. Research displays that 86% of visitors wish to see detailed product or service information. 52% search for about page, while 65% seek contact details. These features need to be found easily or this can irritate visitors and ultimately drive them away. Even if your site functions ideally, a bad layout can give users the feeling that it is hard to find information. 

Good web design will impact usability as well as the perception of usability!


Many designers consider design psychology. They keep choices simple because offering more choices delays their decision-making. So, the golden rule is to limit options to 7 and not more. 

For example, an office furniture company has different office desks including writing desks, executive desks, managerial desks, height-adjustable desks, etc. they can shorten their navigation by blending these types within a solo option ‘Desks’. 


Good web design grabs visitors’ attention towards the call to action or clickable elements or special offers. For conversion, there are several ways to optimize a visual design. For example, use open space or white space surrounding the CTA. With no other elements on the page, the message appears clear with a bold image and clean design. 

Alternatively, if the page is busy then choose contrast styles and colors to create a visual hierarchy to grab attention to the most crucial conversion button – for example, the yellow ‘Add to Cart’ button on Amazon.


A good website is not just visual elements but even behind the scene activities can deeply impact SEO. If the web design looks appealing upfront but includes many large images or bulky coding then the web page loading speed suffers.

This frustrates visitors and they bounce away, which dents your SEO efforts. Even ensure to have a responsive design because Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its ranking factor.

Never forget, a good and professional web design enhances trust!

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