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Get To Know The Lovers Of The Red Sky Cast

If you’re a fan of Lovers of The Red Sky then you surely want to get to know the actors who have played important roles in the series. The show is such a hit and has garnered attention even from fans outside of South Korea. So here are some important facts about the Lovers Of The Red Sky cast.

Kim Yoo Jung

One of the most important Lovers Of The Red cast members you need to know is Kim Yoo Jung. She plays the role of Hong Chun Gi in the show. The character is a painter who was born bling but mysteriously regained her eyesight when she grew up. This actor is not new to the world of show business. You probably saw her before in the series Backstreet Rookie. She was initially a model and she has been in the entertainment industry since the age of five. She has done many shows already. She also starred in shows such as Angry Mom and Moon Embracing The Sun. She has even earned the nicknames “Sageuk Fairy” and “Nation’s Little Sister” because she has appeared in many period dramas. She has also done several movies. Yoo Jung is also known by music fans because she has also hosted music and talent reality shows.

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Ahn Hyo Seop

Ahn Hyo Seop plays the role of Ha Ram, the male protagonist of the show. The character is an astrologist who was born with perfect eyesight but lost it as he grew up. He lost his while performing a ritual. He works in the royal palace and can read the planet and stars. Hyo Seaop is also a singer. He used to be a part of a boy band called One O One. He started his acting career by taking on supporting roles. And then he went on to take on lead roles in TV shows such as Abyss, 17. and Dr. Romantic.

Lovers Of The Red Sky Casts

Gong Myung

Gong Myung plays the role of Royal Prince Yang Myung, one of the brothers in line for the throne. He is a hopeless romantic and is suffering from loneliness. He is fond of beautiful things and he loves to party and have a good time. Gong Myung started his acting career in 2015 under the Fantagio Entertainment Agency. He used to be a part of an acting group called 5urprise, the first all-actor group in the industry. He made a name for himself through supporting roles in K-dramas. You may have seen him in shows such as Be Melodramatic and The Bride of Haebak.

Kwak Si Yang

The last of the Lovers Of The Red Sky cast members you need to know is Kwak Si Yang. He plays the role of Prince Su Yang, the eldest among the royal brothers. He is a clever prince but he is also cruel. He is first in line for the throne but he still wants to make sure that nobody will take it away from him. This is why he will seek the help of Ha Ram. Kwak Si Yang also used to be a part of One O One along with Ah Yeo Seop. Then he went on to acting and has played supporting roles.

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