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Genius Hacks To Make Memorizing And Learning Easy For Kids

Memory is the foundation of learning, and kids who lack good memory power are often found to lag in their studies. We have to accept the fact that not every kid is born with super memory powers and sharp brains. 

But, yes, there are indeed ways to polish and sharpen brain power. So if you have a kid who is not as clever and sharp-minded as the kid next door, here we pen down a few ways that you can adopt as a parent to make your kids learn and remember in a better way:

Playing card games

Card games may sound a bit weird for parents because most of them would associate cards with gambling and dark mysteries. But there is nothing to panic, your kids cannot learn gambling at such a tender age, and you are surely not going to teach them the same. 

Cards are not always about gambling and can be used as an effective tool for memorizing. Playing games like matching needs, UNO, go fish, etc., can help your kids remember the rules of the games, the cards they have used, the ones that remain, and a lot more, which can help sharpen their memory and boost concentration.

Detoxify the digital demons

These days’ kids are more inclined towards using gadgets and other electronic devices for their pastime. Though this may sound feasible at first and may help you to get your kid engaged when they take a break from studies, this may prove to be disastrous in the long run. 

Excess of digital exposure can actually affect the wiring structure in your child’s brain, which further brings down their ability to memorize, focus, and concentrate. 

Hence instead of handing them your mobile phone while they seek a time-out session, make them read books, play outdoor games, or get involved in other recreational activities that can promote brain health and memory.

Let them be your teacher

Why should parents have all the fun? Just like you take pride in teaching your kids, making them understand things and memorize the same, let the kids also experience the same joy. 

You can teach them at first and ask them to teach you the same topic and behave as you are hearing all that for the first time. This trick will not only help them to understand the concept and memorize to teach it but will also boost their self-confidence to the next level.

Apply the chunk therapy

If you narrate a whole story or an answer and ask your kids to repeat the same once you are done with it, all you will hear is fumbling lips saying ahhh, umm, aaa trying hard to remember things. Your kids are no Einstein that they can memorize answers in one go. 

Thus, practicing chunk therapy is one of the best ways to make your children grasp their lessons at a fast pace. Chunk therapy is nothing but the act of breaking down long information into smaller bits and pieces so that it comes down in an easy-to-remember format. 

Grasping a lot of material at once may not be possible for kids, but breaking down information into chunks, marking the bits using different colors, and getting creative with the material can help the kids recall their lessons better.

Visualizing things

You may not recall a lesson that you read last night, but you can surely tell the story of a movie that you watched last week. Do you know what is the major reason behind the difference in grasping level? Yes, ‘interest’ is undoubtedly a factor, but visualization is another primary factor that needs to be addressed in this case. 

When you read a lesson, you are simply reading it, but when you see it as a picture story, it leaves behind some deep memories embossing it in your minds. The same is the case when you try the picture learning hack with your kids. 

The mode of learning that uses pictures, sound, and touch is more likely to leave a more profound impression and engagement in kids, allowing them to connect with the details and remember the same.

Exciting learning

Studies and textbooks usually sound boring and bring in monotony. Don’t forget your childhood days while you played tantrums and made stupid excuses to make an escape from sitting back with your textbooks. 

And your kids are no exception; they can also search a plethora of ways to flee away from studies. But, promoting exciting and fun-oriented learning can turn out to be a game-changer. 

Try helping them to memorize by giving cues from their surrounding environment or showing them three-dimensional figures of what you are teaching or any other thing that can excite them while they study. And see how these little ones can be easily put to their study table for a study session.

Play memory games

There are numerous learning games available over the internet that can help in hiking the memory power. Ranging from playing number games to playing scrabble, , hangman, word search, etc., there are multiple games that can prove to be handy to make your kids recall and learn the essence of renumbering and problem-solving skills.

Release the stress

If your kids tend to develop the fear of parents that they will be scolded if they do not study, the only thing they will end up with is ‘stressful studies’. They may memorize an answer and learn it by heart, but the concepts may not live in their minds for long. 

So make them feel relaxed and comfortable and do not behave like a scarecrow sitting beside them showing your big wide eyes. Give them time and space so that they can gain a better understanding of the topic they are learning.


These are a few techniques that you can use to empower the memorizing power of the growing minds. But make sure that you do not simply rush with things because here, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Do you have more such ideas in your mind to tame the little ones to become better learners? Do let us know!

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