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Gaming Silk: Everything you need to know about motherboards

Ever wondered how everything works on a basic PC? How do all the parts really communicate with each other to get their message across? Gaming Silk: Everything you need to know about motherboards Well, it’s the doing of a single component that works at improving the performance of your computer and eventually leading it to a certain consistency. The motherboard is hands down, one of the most crucial components of a computer. It makes sure every other part of the PC is truly getting its message across so all your commands are completed. It’s basically the communicator of a computer that has a hand at improving the performance of your computer. Gaming Silk: Everything you need to know about motherboards There are a lot of things to know about a motherboard as it’s more than just a link between all the parts to communicate through. The motherboard is capable of doing everything with utmost care and attention; making sure things are done with a format with nothing missing from it. Even the opening of your screen wouldn’t be performed without the help of the motherboard. There are a lot of things you don’t know about it that you should actually know about so you don’t have any problem while buying a motherboard for your PC. Some things researched by Gaming Silk are mentioned below:

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What to consider when buying a motherboard

The things and features you need to consider while searching for the right motherboard include:

Form Factor:

Before starting this process, you’ll have to decide on a form factor. It is seen that ATX motherboards are quite commonly used along with ATX micro. However, the only downside is their size. If you’re not sure which form factor to choose, you can just compare it with your old motherboard. That way you’ll know which one will fit your PC.

Processor socket:

Processor socket is another feature that’s important to consider. You have options like LGA and PGA, intel that’s a big company for computers uses LGA while AMD prefers PGA. BGA is another option that you can choose but they’re actually permanently part of your motherboard without being serviced or upgraded so that’s put them in a compromising position.

RAM(Random access memory):

RAM determines how much memory your motherboard actually possesses. When you’re buying a motherboard, you should always get one with ample space that you can later use. The proper RAM capacity that you can initially choose should be at least 16 GB.

PCI slots:

Before you even get down to your options for a motherboard, you need to be aware of the PCI slots. Now, these slots are already present in a motherboard. You need to choose your motherboard according to your use. If you’re a gamer who wants to have a powerful backup, PCI expresses 16 slots to make everything work properly.

How to know when your motherboard’s failing

There are certain signs that would definitely let you know that your motherboard’s failing. It’s like your motherboard’s screaming for help. The best way you can tell is through the blue screen of death. When your PC starts showing a blue screen with an error that means it’s time to change your motherboard. The blue has an error message on it that shows your motherboard might not be working.

Another sign that shows your computer to be failing includes overheating. If the CPU, graphic cards or RAM starts producing heat that is more than how much it actually does. These parts usually produce heat in normal amounts, however, if they start overheating then there’s probably a problem with your computer. All these signs are the biggest tells that let you know the kind of issues your PC has.


Having a PC with a great working motherboard is a blessing in itself. These things don’t come easily and when you do look for them, you need a whole set of information to get you going. Otherwise, you’ll find something that isn’t even appropriate for your computer. Therefore, you need to make sure that you either contact someone who’s in tech or research whatever parts are necessary to have in a motherboard. So you make sure you get the right one. A motherboard that has all the perfect features to work properly.

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