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Game designer profession: requirements, errors and KPIs”

What does a game designer do? What mistakes does he make most often? What do you need to know how to become a good game designer? Game designer profession: requirements, Based on the materials of the webinar, the link to which you can find at the end of this article, we have prepared answers to these questions for you. We will consider not only novice game designers, but also more experienced onessenior and lead levels. Game designer profession: requirements, 

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Game designer 

What is a game designer? One of the definitions is: Game designer profession: requirements, “A game designer is an entertainment software engineer.” He can be considered a designer because he writes design documentation, and he can be considered an engineer because he uses an engineering approach (with deconstruction, decomposition, using prefabricated elements). Use game art 2d for better elaboration of the characters, so that they look organic and pleasant in the game.

Requirements for middle, senior, lead designers

When hiring a game designer, there are a number of requirements that are obvious to employers but not at all obvious to candidates. So, there is only one requirement for a middlegame designerhe must be able to do everything. He must be such a specialist who can be assigned to any task, and he will fulfill it. All of these skills are usually practiced from the moment a person starts work and becomes a junior game designer.

The requirements for senior and lead game designers are already completely different, because here they involve not so much hard skills as soft skills. He must:

  • Know how to structure everything well
  • Know how to convey his thoughts clearly
  • Know how to compromise
  • Have great gaming erudition
  • Have a sufficient breadth of thinking

Typical mistakes of a game designer

  • Do not use what was created earlier

Game designers very often refuse to buy some good readymade assets, but create them from scratch on their own. Simply put, they reinvent the wheel over and over again, hoping to improve it somehow. But as a result, they only waste time, because the finished product turns out to be more expensive, and rarely better.

  • Do not know how to control their emotions

Every game designer implicitly wants people to play what he has created. Therefore, if we are talking about a game with the economy, then he always puts the reward for the activity he invented higher than it should be, trying to lure the players not with interesting things, but with rewards, and this is always very harmful to the economy of the game. Therefore, it is worth handing over the distribution of awards to someone who will look at it with an open mind.

  • Do not know how to draw up game design documentation

One of the main problems for novice game designers is that they create incomprehensible documents (you can see examples of such works in our webinar). This is critical for any project, because a correctly set task is a guarantee that everything will be done the way you want.

Game designers should view game design documentation as a product for internal clientsprogrammers, artists, etc., so it should be really understandable to absolutely everyone who will work with it. How to assess the quality of your GDD before other people start working on it? Just show it to people who are not very well versed in the productdesigners, junior programmers, etc.

By the way, by the quality of the GDD one can very well assess the level of the game designer himself. When you hire him for a job, then at the interview, ask how many, on average, he has returns for revision of the finished document. If his GDD is returned more often than 0.4 times (10 documents more than 4 times), then it will be quite difficult for you to work with him.

  • Get hung up on features

Often, game designers make a feature, but they don’t add enough content to it, that is, they don’t develop it. Instead, they prefer to make new and new features, and as a result, the game accumulates a lot of mechanisms in their infancy.

Don’t try to do something new all the time. Having done something, first bring it to a finished state, and only then take on a new one. But, of course, if the feature turned out to be of mediocre quality or not very popular, you do not need to heap content on it.

About KPIs of a game designer

Game designers who don’t make the mistakes listed above tend to have high KPIs because they don’t waste their and otherstime.

How is their KPI measured? Game design is a creative profession, so they look at the results. The game designer is given a task, given time to complete it. If he does not fit in this time, while his colleagues working on problems of a similar class fit, then his performance is unsatisfactory. Any good game needs high-quality animation, and if you want help with that, follow the link:

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