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Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Flowers & Sympathy Gifts

It’s always very sad. When somebody passes, our thoughts naturally turn to deeper things. We wonder about the meaning of it all and whether there’s a purpose to all our lives here on earth. It’s a time of religious thought for many folks as well. 

On the more pragmatic side of things, Frequently Asked Questions About our thoughts will often drift to things like funeral flowers and sympathy gifts. It’s not always clear what tradition dictates or which option is considered the better etiquette. Frequently Asked Questions About We’ve compiled a few of the answers here. 


Are Certain Flowers More Appropriate By A

Absolutely, yes. In the European tradition, St. Joseph lilies or carnations are widely held to be the best choice to send to the grieving family. However, if you’re thinking about a bouquet for the funeral itself, this may change.

With bouquets, there are more options. Here, roses are the favorites, although you could also opt for chrysanthemums or gladioli. A good thing to remember is that you ought to pick a color and stick to it. Multicolored options may seem a little festive for the occasion. 

Asking your florist for additional advice may also give you some great ideas and could save you some embarrassment too! The last place you’d like to make a social blunder is at a funeral, after all. 

Which Colors Denote Sympathy? 

This is one of those cultural areas in which there are clear differences. Certainly, in the European setting, darker hues represent mourning and sympathy. As such, the deep reds and blues are appreciated. 

However, in Hindu culture, funerals are very brightly colored occasions. People don’t give flowers in bunches but wear them as garlands instead. In Buddhist belief, the color white is considered to be more fitting for mourning. 

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If you’re in any doubt about particular cultural sensitivities or even personal tastes, it makes sense to ask. Getting a bit of an inside track on these kinds of things makes a difference to the somber occasion. 

Is There a Difference Between Funeral Flowers and Sympathy Flowers? 

Yes. Funeral flowers in European culture are those which are brought to the funeral itself. These usually take the form of bouquets, sprays, or other appropriate arrangements. They are often placed within the vicinity of the deceased person. 

Sympathy flowers are not brought to the service itself but are taken to the bereaved family’s home instead. They are typically far humbler arrangements and typically a lot more personal in nature too. 

There are also many variations on this general idea. Sometimes the preferences might be quite specific, while at others, there’s a general approach. Given the circumstances, it’s a good idea to be as subtle about this kind of thing as possible.

Are Flowers Always Appropriate for Funerals? 

No. This is very much a culture-bound area. In the Christian culture, flowers are regarded as highly appropriate, which holds true of both Catholic and Protestant folks. In this setting, you can’t go far wrong with flowers. 

However, in Judaism, flowers are not considered a part of the funeral process at all. They are not traditionally given or received either at the funeral or at Shiva. Similarly, flowers are worn rather than given at Hindu rites. 

Before embarking on any particular choice, it might make sense to make some discreet inquiries just to be sure what’s preferred. Even in cases where flowers are the tradition, it may well be that the family wishes to do something different. 

In the end, it’s very much about deferring to the wishes of those nearest to the deceased person. When we do bring flowers, that’s very much what they are meant to mean.

Some Closing Thoughts

Archaeologists have shown evidence that placing flowers on graves has been a human practice for at least sixty thousand years. So, it’s got a very long history. Frequently Asked Questions About Along the way, there have been a great many variations on the theme. 

What the flowers are meant to symbolize is all that deeper thinking. When someone passes, it affords people the chance to reflect more seriously about things. Flowers are thus our way of demonstrating this reflection to others. 

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