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Freelance German Translation – Your Guide to Translations Costs

Freelance German Translation – Your Guide to Translations Costs

It’s no secret that professional, human translation costs more than the free services and applications that have become so popular today. After all, who wants to hand over money for a service that they can get for free on the internet or via their smartphone? 

The fact is, if you’re running a business or making important deals or communications with people from other nations and backgrounds, you are not only better served by human translation – it’s the only way to go! It’s a classic case of getting what you pay for and something that’s certainly worth investing a little more in.

It can be very scary to pay someone for something that you can’t easily read and evaluate the quality of. This is exactly what business owners are doing when they pay for translation services to communicate with people who speak other languages, but it’s also all the more reason to invest in professional-level translation. Why would you trust something as important as the impression your company has on another business or leader to a free service that offers no guarantees of quality? In fact, most actually warn against using their services for anything more than a casual translation of simple words and phrases.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Professional Translation?

It is probably obvious, but the cost of translation will vary greatly depending on the length and complexity of your text. The cost of having a novel will be different than the cost of a single-page legal text – and for different reasons. There are so many ways that text can vary and they all play into the cost that you ultimately pay. Some things to keep in mind are that most companies and freelance translators require a minimum fee. You may see a minimum charge of $25 or $50, or even more. It depends on the structure of the pricing that a professional uses. 

Most translators use a per-word or per-page pricing system. In languages like German, French, Spanish, and others, you will likely encounter a per-word structure. A common price point for these services is 25 cents per word, but this may vary depending on a variety of factors. Asian languages and other languages that have complex writing systems and alphabets may not work well with a per-word system and therefore necessitate a per-page structure. Talk to your translator or translation company about which system they use to better gauge how much you will be expected to pay.  

It is important to note that translation services are not governed by any kind of law or legal mandate which requires them to be over or under a certain rate. You will likely encounter companies attempting to price gouge businesses on their translation services, as well as companies or freelance professionals vastly undercharging for their services while turning out a subpar product. Finding the most common going rate in the industry will help you determine where costs should lie and what is a fair asking price for the work you need to have done.

What Factors Go Into Determining the Cost of Translation Services?

Certain factors impact the cost of German translation services, but not everyone understands what these factors are. Knowing a little bit about them can help you make smarter choices when partnering with translation professionals. Specialized translation will typically demand a much higher price than a translation of a simpler, more casual text. In areas such as law and medicine, your translator will require specific knowledge and understanding of the industry, which will naturally demand a higher fee. You wouldn’t expect to pay a medical or legal professional the same amount as someone without this type of education and experience!

Translation that is performed by a reputable translation agency may cost less than those offered by an individual as a result of their large talent pool. Often, these companies outsource the work to areas where they can pay their professionals far less. While this can save the company – and your business – plenty of money, it can also yield substandard results. 

Inversely, translation offered by large agencies can also be much more expensive than that offered by freelance German translators. Why? Because when you pay for the services of these companies, you are paying not only for the translation you receive but also for the overhead costs that these companies may have. If the company you are partnering with has multiple offices all over the world, you are likely to incur additional costs built into the fee you pay for their services, costing you more money in the long-run. 

Translation costs can vary widely, but remember – you get what you pay for. Talk to your local freelancers or visit a freelance translation website to find out more about how to get the best prices on the best services.

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