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Five Tips and Strategies to Hire the Perfect Speaker for Your Event

A “good” speaker is the difference between a perfect event or a second-rate gathering. Five Tips and Strategies to Hire the Perfect Speaker Yes, credibility and trustworthiness may be of subtle importance to the audience, but it is vital. Calling a proficient speaker may be good and sit well with the audience. But opting for the master’s will allow you, the audience, to relate to the event and gain trust in your project or cause. 

But easier said than done. You may be thinking about how I will find the right speaker for my event. Fret not, Five Tips and Strategies to Hire the Perfect Speaker as this guide will help you find the ideal speaker for your event. 

Scroll down to find the tips for finding the perfect speaker for your event.

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  • Start with the speaker’s website or channels that can connect you with them.

Almost all public speakers have a website. After all, it is how they promote themselves. You can search for local speakers and niches, and there is a good chance that you will discover a speaker’s website on the internet. You can check their credibility and their past experiences to ensure they are the right fit for your event. 

If you cannot locate a speaker of the domain, you can locate them via the local event organizer’s website. If you are wondering how to locate the right local event organizers, simply — do a google search with the place. For instance, if you are looking for an event organizer in Singapore, type in — Singapore Emcee, and you will land up with many sites. Review them and find if they have credibility — past experiences and ratings from their clients. You can easily find the best one — based on credibility. And the event organizers will connect you with the right speaker.  

  • Review how the public speakers interact with the audience.

Once your emcees connect you with a speaker —who understands the domain — the search doesn’t end there. You will have to review whether the public speaker is the right choice for your event or not. Some public speakers are formal in their approach, which works if the event includes dignitaries, state officials, or other such authorities. Or, you are looking for a formal event. 

At the same time, some public speakers choose an informal approach, which sits well with the audience. Of course, the final choice is yours. Equally important to note that most public speakers will follow the mandates stated by you. Still, ensure to find how the speaker interacts with the audience and whether you are looking for someone like that or not.

  • Check the speaker’s past experiences, networks, and connections.

Needless to say, recognized public speakers have their videos on social channels — either put by them or attached by their clients. Ensure to review and find what their past experiences reflect. Do they have enough experience and expertise to suit your event? Moreover, ensure whether they have attended other events like the one you’re planning on hosting. Additionally, review whether they are recognized or not. 

That is to say — starting a website is a child’s job. Arranging a bunch of videos is not a big deal these days. That is why it is critical to look into their past experiences and review whether they are recognized or not. In other words, do they have the “mastery” over the subject or not. 

  • Dive into their social media accounts and see what the general audience thinks about them.

Establishing the credibility of the speaker is essential. But what about the audience? You will also have to review whether the audience prefers the speaker or not. Retain that — preference — does not mean whether the audience likes their ideas or not. It is about their credibility. Does the speaker have the ability to establish credibility with the audience? Meaning, that regardless of whether the general audience agrees with their opinions, they are willing to hear them again. This is critical because most speakers do not prefer to follow popular thoughts and introduce new ideas. So, it will contradict others. However, you need to know whether the audience respects them or not.

  • Conduct a survey and let the audience decide who they want to hear.

After shortlisting a couple of public speakers for the event, picking one is not troublesome. Conduct a poll and ask the audience to decide who they want to hear. Of course, this works if you have enough time before the event. As many will respond late, you will have to fix the schedule with the speakers, and so on. 

Still, it is good to ask the audience and let them pick who they want to hear. Of course, not everyone will pick the same candidate, but it will give a good idea of whom to go with.


Finding the right speaker takes time, so ensure to start with these tips early on.

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