Thursday, March 30, 2023

Find Out How I Cured My Indoor Cycling Woes In 2 Days

I like to cycle every day. A few years back, I used to cycle for miles in the early morning. But then CoVID struck and I was forced to adapt to Indoor cycling. I got myself a training bike and I set it up in a comfortable corner of my home. My initial enthusiasm for the new change helped me to exercise on the new bike. But after a few weeks into the new habit, I started to find it boring. I realised I was missing a lot from my outdoor trips. It seems the scenery, long winding roads outdoors, are some thincycle gs that made my cycling trips worthwhile.

Just when I thought I could get back to cycling outdoors, I came across a new app called Vingo. It changed my whole game for the better.

Maintaining the Motivation Was a Huge Problem

When I rode my training bike, the loneliness of exercise struck me hard. There was no one beside me, helping me to push myself into exercise. At Least on the outdoors my friends will keep me motivated every day. But at home, it was hard.

However, when I started using Vingo I found a lot of people are joining in its virtual world to find the much needed company like I did. The app created the best place for Online cycling, a new trend that brought in people from all across the world to ride and exercise together.

Exploring & Interacting in the Virtual World is Interesting

Inside the Vingo app, I found a lot of interesting features. One of them is the large variety of virtual locations, or maps. I selected some of my favourite locations and set the screen before my bike and started cycling. The app provided a lot of scenic routes for me to enjoy while I cycled.

Also, I found a lot of people sharing my virtual location too. I talked to them using the voice chat feature and made new acquaintances. This made the whole experience interesting.

Bring Your Friends to the Engulfing Virtual World

Another interesting feature in the Indoor cycling app is that you can bring in your friends to join you on your cycling trips. No matter where they might be around the world, you can all join together and have fun. I called in all my cycling buddies and we are having a grand time together in the app.

Now, I’m Looking Forward to Workouts

The bike training app is providing a great way for me to improve my cycling game. I am getting fitter by the day and I find it very interesting to explore new places through the app. Now, I am thinking of going on jogging trips through the app too. I will need a treadmill for that and the app is worth the new buy. So, if you are someone who loves to get better at cycling or running, then you should not even think twice. It is high time that you get the app and start exercising.

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