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Family Lawyers: Why you should hire one?

When a lady asks for divorce from her side where she puts allegations on the husband that she has to break the marriage relationship because of the husband, and the claim is rejected by the court, then the husband is free not to give divorce to the lady. Court can also direct the lady to go back and live with the husband. The other option where the wife asks for a separation from her side, which is different from divorce then she can certainly get this because this is her right to ask for a separation if she does not want to live with husband anymore. For example, in Islam, this is called as KHULA. But a woman needs to keep in mind that she has to give up many marriage rights, post marriage/Khula rights due to this. That is why when women step inside the family courts and file the case of separation then they prefer to file a divorce claim in family court. This is the best chance to win and take more from husband. But courts are not blind or nonprofessional. Especially the UAE Family Courts. UAE provides the best judiciary, family law, family courts and the best family lawyers. No doubt that family lawyers in dubai, are considered the best in UAE. 

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These Lawyers in Dubai also facilitate the couples in their marriage, its registrations and the documentations. The Sheikhs/Judge can also be requested to come to the lawyer’s place where the marriage can be arranged before the Sheikh/Judge, but once all the supporting documents are arranged. If you(readers) want to know about the procedure and the details about the documents then a consultation session can be booked with the family lawyers or Family Courts can also be approached e.g. Family Courts in Dubai near Al Garhoud Bridge. These documents are NOC by the bride’s side, the marriage permission certificate by the groom’s side, health safety certificates etc. The divorce certificates are also needed if both are divorcees. 

The Consultations with private Family Lawyers can be booked online or by sending them a request. After paying the consultation fee, a person can get all the details, and he can get all the procedures for the marriage. Even if he wants to know about the divorce or child custody, then he can also request the Family Lawyer to share the required legal knowledge as per Sharia Law or as per his country law. Consultations can be set up Online or in-house based on the affordability and the convenience of the client. 

The Child Custody laws are not very much different in various marriage laws. It means that the mother has the priority over the father for child custody and the ages are defined up to 11, 12, 13 for boys and girls. The exact age can be consulted with the Family Lawyer. Child Custody can only be a subject in court cases where the mother is asking for custody without alimony or monthly allowance by the father for the kids. However, the exact case strategy and the case input must be prepared once the family lawyer has been consulted. 

The Consultation with the family lawyer for a family case is also important or needed the way it is important or needed for a business case. Business Cases are not filed or taken ahead without the consultation, pre-case meeting or post-filling sessions with the business lawyers. Similarly, the family cases should not be filled, before consulting the family lawyers. Family Law is also very broad in nature. It covers different types of disputes e.g. marriage, divorce, child custody, the joint assets issues, bank accounts issues even the joint insurance issues. 

Like other consultations, the family law consultation ought to be arranged with family law expert advocates. These Emirati Advocates in UAE have a very good reputation the way an American Family Law Advocate has in the USA. The legal infrastructure, quality of courts, law and quality of lawyers, is amazing. UAE competes with the world’s best country in this regard. Therefore, the expatriate living in UAE, files the cases in family courts with confidence because they have trust in the UAE judiciary and UAE Law system. 

Fee structure of Family Cases in UAE, is also reasonable. But the family cases in UAE are not finished in one or two months. Once again there are three courts like other cases and appeals can be filled after a court verdict. The cases take enough and reasonable time where courts conduct a proper investigation. The verdicts given by UAE Family Courts are the best in quality. A country can also be judged by the justice system and UAE is one of the best countries in the world in this regard. 

Life is not a childish game. Any decision related to family should be taken very seriously. Lawyers can be consulted for the results in future and the consequences. Lawyers can be consulted for the strategy but whatever is consulted should not be for a losing case. If the chances of success are not good then what we believe and suggest that mediation is the best way to get disputes resolved. What complaints are filed initially then Family Courts only arrange the reconciliation sessions initially. Family Courts put a special emphasize in the reconciliation sessions where the private and expert reconciliator do his best to create a reconciliation between both parties. If a party is interested in reconciliation then he or she can inform to reconcialator in reconciliation. It might also go in to his favor and the reconciliation can end up in resolving the dispute without being referred to court level. The reconciliation session can work and allow a party or both parties to create an option based on mediation. These special reconciliation sessions are more than gifts by the UAE government and UAE judiciary. It is seen that a handsome number of cases are resolved by the reconcialator where both parties agree to finish the cases without reaching to court level. The UAE Family Law and court system is one of the best systems in the world. UAE Lawyers are also the best Lawyers in the world as well.

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