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Exploring Vancouver’s Chinatown

As the largest Chinatown in Canada, Vancouver’s Chinatown has a lot to offer.Exploring Vancouver’s Chinatown  This lively community has everything from fantastic food and incredible entertainment to friendly locals who are always excited to see more people visit.

If you’re in Vancouver and want to step away from the cliche tourist stops: make sure to visit its Chinatown.

The History

Built in the late 1800s, Vancouver’s Chinatown was one of the first established commercial and residential communities.  Born from those who worked on the cross-country railway, it became a bustling place for people to stop and settle down.  

There’s been a large push to keep this Chinatown extremely walkable, and walking remains the best way to get around and enjoy this area.Exploring Vancouver’s Chinatown So forgo your cars and bikes, and take a walk through the best part of the city.

What To Do For Chinatown

The nightlife in Chinatown is unlike anything else in Vancouver.  Lively clubs with incredible music and entertainment and awesome bars with great drinks and attitudes will entice anyone in for some fun and excitement.  

Countless festivals and parades are enjoyed every year here; from the Lunar New Year to the Winter Solstice festival, you’ll get to enjoy an assortment of entertaining fun that you won’t want to leave.

Where To Eat By Chinatown

Every restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown is amazing.  Every bite is better than the last, from great dim sum places to delicious noodle shops and street food vendors.  The top-rated area is Gold Stone Bakery & Restaurant, which has Hong Kong-style cuisine that offers a little bit of everything savory and sweet.  On your way out, ensure you pick up some fresh bread and sweets to enjoy as dessert!

Landmarks to Visit

The Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden is a beautiful garden where you can see plants from all over the world arranged in gorgeous patterns and varying heights and formations.  The soothing atmosphere is a great breath of fresh air away from the city.

The world’s narrowest building, according to Guinness World Records, is in Vancouver’s Chinatown!  This little building can hold one person and is a fun photo op for anyone who wants to surprise anyone back home into thinking Vancouver homes for sale are that small.

The Millennium Gate is a classic piece of architecture that will instantly feel familiar because of its iconography in China and internationally.  With a combination of eastern and western architecture, you’ll feel like you’re traveling into another country just by passing through it.

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What Shopping to Enjoy

There’s endless shopping and fun to be had in Vancouver’s Chinatown.  From the extensive kitchen-goods stores to the beautiful fashion boutiques and home goods, you’ll want to come with your own bags so you can fill up throughout the day!

Everything here is gorgeous and made to be affordable yet durable.

Every inch of Vancouver’s Chinatown has something that will surprise and delight those who visit. So if you’re in Vancouver and want to spend a day having fun: this is where to go.

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