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Everything You Need To Know About React Native  

Everything You Need To Know About React Native  

Are you planning to use React native framework for your business? Is yes then you must have a question in your mind that why use react framework? You will have this question in your mind is quite natural. The reasons are many and you need to know all the important facts in the light of this matter. Currently, there are 2.7 billion smart phone users are present worldwide. You will be surprised to hear that out of this 2.7 billion users are using reactive native framework software in their Smartphone.    

The best part of react native development frame work is it allows the developers to develop native Smartphone application using the JavaScript only.    

Why use React framework?  

To understand the reason that why use react framework you first need to understand its key features properly. After knowing its features you can come into the conclusion about the requirement of this framework.   

  • Application of react:- React is a framework that  is used to develop mobile and web applications. So, that you can run your devices smoothly without any problem. 
  • It is Native:– It allows the react development coders to use the native components that are governed by the JavaScript.   
  • Platforms:– React native framework supports all the android and the iOS platforms worldwide. Hence, it reflects the flexibility of usage to its current users.   

What is react Native frame work?    

For developing and designing genuinely native Smartphone application in multiple platforms it is the most powerful JavaScript framework that you can use. Currently, 80% of the Smartphone applications are built using this framework.    

React native development companies that are entrusting their faith on this framework:-   

There are several react.js native development companies are there who use react technology to develop their mobile application as per the changing trends.   

  • Walmart. 
  • Facebook. 
  • Bloomberg. 
  • Wix. 
  • Instagram.    

The above mentioned companies are using this react framework to develop their sites or application as per the changing requirements of the new users.Now let’s find out some of the important benefits of using react native development.   

Benefits of React native development:- 

There are several advantages that you can scroll down for using the react native framework for developing your mobile or website application for your business. Let’s explore it one after the other to get a better insight about these framework. 

  • Optimal performance:-One of the best thing about react native framework is it provides optimal performance. There is no way that you can deny this fact from your end. Regarding the performance facet the developers have the better control over it as the modules and native controls are user friendly in nature. Different threads are being employed in the react native development that uses UI and API which enhances the performance level of this framework.   
  • Code reusability:- Another important feature of this framework is that you can reuse the codes as per your requirements. Facebook had built this technology that allows the coders to integrate up to 90% of the native framework in developing the applications for smart phones as well as for the operating systems. Hence, it helps the developers to save their time and reduces the cost of development. This feature of react native services makes developers to use it for multiple purposes. 
  • It has a massive community for developers:- React native has a big community where coders are connected with one another to sort out their doubts and queries. Hence, if you are an armature coder then you can easily seek the advice of expert developers or coders to sort out your issues in a proper manner. You need not to think much regarding it. If you are stuck somewhere during the coding process then there will be someone who can help you out from that issue.   
  • Cross platform usability:-There are different code bases for iOS and android and you need to hire separate coders for developing in these two platforms. But in case of React native framework you do not have to build similar applications for Android and iOS. It allows developers to utilize a common logic layers across multiple platforms like mobile, operating system and web. Hence, you will get complete solution under one platform to help you out in a effective manner. 
  • Readability:- If you are new or a beginner to use React native then also you can use this framework very easily. You do not need to learn huge concepts to use this framework. Better to say quite easy to learn and apply in the practical field. You need not invest your money on getting ant crash course training for learning the React native. It is easy to use and the most feasible framework to use for the beginner level coders and developers.   
  • Declarative style:– In case of declarative application it provides the opportunity to the developers to tell the application that what they want to achieve. But in case of imperative programming you have zero flexibility and control and you can just specify how to do it. But in case of React Native framework you have more flexibility and you can easily reduces the chances of bug to appear in your application. Hence, the work becomes easier and faster compared to other Frameworks that are available in the market. Hence, it makes the application faster to develop and provides more feasibility. 

Hence, from the above discussion it is very clear that React native framework is one of the best frameworks to develop websites and apps. Your doubt regarding the fact that why use react.js has become very clear to you from the above mentioned points. Most interesting fact about React native is it provides high degree of flexibility to its users. Just you need to explore each fact to understand it in a clear manner. The more you use this platform better you will learn to use this framework to complete your work in a faster pace. Just try to make your vision open before developing any app for your client.

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