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Everything you need to know about Hot Chocolate Expo Denver

Here are some special things you need to know about hot chocolate expo denver. This is the time to make and enjoy a variety of festivals and events. Get rid of the stress of the pandemic and have fun on this event, because it is going to be held. Denver Co is offering an opportunity to all its citizens and outsiders to enjoy this sweet race. The Hot Chocolate Expo Denver comes to Denver. Huge groups of people will come to join the event, and they enjoy this race. Different organizations promote this event and motivate people to join the race.

Hot Chocolate Expo Denver

About the event

This Hot Chocolate Expo Denver features an Expo before the race day. Participants need to visit the Expo to pick up their race bibs and packets. Every hot chocolate Expo is free here and opens to all the people. It features the hottest in running fitness apparel, nutrition information, health, and technologies.

Why you should take the Airport Taxi Service?

Several companies, organizers, and organizations invite people to pick up their packets that include a goodie bag and race day bib. If someone cannot make it to any of the Expo days, it does not need to worry about because he can manage it by sending anyone of his friends or family member to join the race. So, you have to send someone to pick up the race day’s necessities. They must have a copy of the registration confirmation. There are five packets per person available. A person is not allowed to take the other’s packet without prior notice of information. Due to the huge number of people participating in the Hot Chocolate Expo Denver event, there is no race day packet.

What makes this race interesting?

The Hot Chocolate Expo Denver event offers fun and opportunity to experience America’s Sweetest Race. This virtual run is based on 5k and 15 k options as per the race series. Walk or run the distance you pick wherever you want. Every contestant has to use the packet, and they receive it before the event. It is a Finisher’s Kit. It comes with several items, including hot chocolate samples and packets for the delicious chocolate squares.

Contestants have to log their results on 1st January 2021 after running to see your name on the leaderboard and download a personalized Finisher’s Certificate. They can add overlays and upload their photos to download as a keepsake.

Rules of the Hot Chocolate Expo Denver 

For all the participants, it is essential to follow the rules and regulations of the event. They will be informed about the details on their mail IDs.

  1. Legacy will be applied to qualify Hot Chocolate race participants. The 2020-2021 season includes the 3rd, 5th, or 10th consecutive race to be considered.
  2. The Hot chocolate will not pay for any travel, lodging, and cost of travel.
  3. Participants will be informed about the changes in the rules.

How to prepare for the race?

The sweet life is terrific. All the candidates look forward to their packet on their doorstep. There is no additional cost. Participants need packets to attend the race. These packets are mailed to their addresses before the race day. These events are open to US addresses within the contiguous United Arab States. There is no shipping for Hawaii, Canada, and Alaska, or anywhere internationally.

This packet includes the race swag, sponsor goodies, chocolate squares, hot chocolate packets, personalized bibs, and 15K or 15K medal. To confirming the registration, all changes are made. The participants need to provide the correct and accurate mailing address.

What will be in the packet?

So, participants have to take their Hot Chocolate Expo Denver virtual run kit. In this kit, there is a comfortable charcoal grey full zip jacket with a removable hood, some awesome sponsor goodies, chocolate squares, hot chocolate packets, a personalized bib, and a keepsake 15K or 15K medal. To make participant’s appearance confirm, after the registration, these Denver race packets are shipped to their location in the week of September. It takes 14 to 21 working days to deliver to the participants.

The keepsake 15k/15k medal with locket includes a tasty and sweet chocolate surprise inside will surely fulfill your chocolate craving. This 15k medal boasts a blue and red ribbon, and the 5K medal boasts a two-toned blue ribbon.

Result & Timing of the Hot Chocolate Expo Denver 

The finisher medal is included in your pocket, so you put it with pride when you are ready. These results are uploaded. They stay tuned for more information on how to add stickers and overlays to share on your social page, upload photos, download a finisher’s certificate and check out the leaderboard. All these results are shares on social media, and the participants can share their results online on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Finisher Certificate

The medal of the participant is mailed to them with their packet. But when they completed their run, they need to log their results and complete other post-race experience actions like downloading your personalized Finisher’s certificate. Participants can view how they rank on the leaderboard of other participants, add a Hot Chocolate Virtual overlay, add and crop filters, upload their photos to share on social media, and display their well-earned medal. To download a finisher certificate, participants need to upload their results.

How to log the results?

  1. Log into your EnMotive Account.
  2. Click the Actions blue button on the Virtual run registration and click Log Result to enter the time
  3. After entering the run time, click on the Finisher Certificate button in the same place to download it.

With these simple steps, participants can enter their results of the Hot Chocolate Expo Denver. Participants need to visit the Expo to pick their race bibs and packets. Every Hot chocolate is free and open to the public. 

 It is not just a race; joining this event will be an experience for the participants and viewers. Enjoy the wonderful run through the city’s most scenic spots. Make fun and celebrate your victory with the chocolatiers fellow at the post-race party. Participants can stuff their faces with decadent fondue and pose for photos with Mello and Marsha. 

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