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Everything to know about RSVP services

If your wedding is near and you recently heard the name of RSVP services, then you should know how beneficial these services are for you. In this post, you can not only know the benefits of RSVP services, but you can know everything about these services. 

What are RSVP services?

RSVP services allow you to send text message party invites to your guests. You don’t have to send traditional invitations to your guests if you use RSVP services. 

If you don’t know the method to pop using these apps and don’t know how to send invitations through these apps, then here, you can read everything.

How to send text invitations using RSVP services?

The method is very simple and convenient as everybody can easily send text invitations using these apps. Below, we will teach you the right method of sending text invitations if you never use these services before:

Prepare a guest list – you should start this process by preparing a guest list. Don’t forget to mention the names and detail of every single guest in that list that you are making in your RSVP text app. You just have to prepare the list, and after that, the text invitations app will update that list automatically according to the people to whom you send the invitation and according to the ones who accept your invitation.

Write the invitation text – carefully mention all the necessary details regarding your function or event in the invitation text that you are going to send to your guests, such as mention the correct time and date of your reception and the accurate venue of your wedding event. You can write this invitation text the way you like it; just remember to mention all necessary information related to your wedding event in the invitation text.

Send the invitation – when your invitation text is ready, send it to your guests as soon as you can. Avoid any kind of delay in sending your invitation if everything regarding your wedding reception is decided and fixed. For instance, if the time, date and location of your event is finalized by you, send this invitation as soon as you can. If things are not finalized by you yet, you can also schedule this invitation text for the future. 

So, this is how you can send an invitation by text message by using RSVP services. 

What are the benefits of using RSVP services?

After using RSVP services, you will get so many benefits. Like some people, if you are also unaware of the benefits of online RSVP services, so then continue reading this section.

Your guests will immediately get your invitation – if you send the invitation of your wedding using the traditional RSVP cards method, then you have to mail these cards to your guests, or you have to take these cards to them on your own. Both of these things take too much time, which eliminates the time of your guest to fully prepare for your wedding. It will affect their preparations while immediate invitations provide them more time to do the best preparations for your wedding.

You can remind them constantly – After sending an invitation, if you think that your relatives will forget about it as you are sending the invitation very soon, then you can also remind them about your wedding after every week or after every month by sending them reminders.

There is no need of updating the guest list on your own – RSVP text services permit you to relax after sending the invitation as you don’t have to manage the guest list on your own any more. When your guests start accepting the invitations, the rsvp text message app will automatically start updating the guest list. As a human being, you can make errors and mistakes while updating the list of your guests, but these apps will do their work efficiently. 

These RSVP services are time and money saving – many people who use RSVP text apps said in the review section that these apps are time and money-saving for them. If you want to know it deeply, then consider handing over the invitation to every single guest physically. You have to travel to their houses which will take both your time and money. Also, for the printing of cards and mailing them, you have to spend money. You don’t have to give your time and a lot of money while sending invitations using text RSVP services. 

After using online RSVP services, these are the benefits that you’ll experience. But choosing the best RSVP text app to get these benefits is also essential.

How to select the best online RSVP services for you?

You’ll find several RSVP services apps on the internet, and every one of them isn’t good enough to use, so the following suggestions will be helpful for you in selecting the best online RSVP services or app for you:

Check their reviews – reviews are the feedbacks of the previous customers in which they mention their overall experience with a specific service provider or with an app. They will help new users to know that the services they are going to buy are worth enough to purchase or not. So, by checking their reviews, you can find out that you should use the RSVP text app or not. 

Take a test – you can take a test of the RSVP app, which you are planning to use, by sending a fake invitation to yourself. After doing this, you can analyze the overall functionality of the app and analyze whether you should use this app or not. If you do not find the RSVP text app convenient or easy to use, then don’t select it and choose some other app for your work. 


There several things that people should know about RSVP services. Here, you can briefly know everything regarding the online RSVP services, which will help you in knowing the benefits of using these services as well. So, if you want to know how to use, benefits and how to select these services, then you must read this blog. 

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