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Everything to know about PPE for food processing

Health and safety of a worker is the main priority of any industry. Personal protection equipment is used to minimize the risk of injury or any other type of health issue of the worker. For this purpose, the workers in food industries wear equipment for their personal protection. It is because that the workers in the food industries are more likely to be injured during working than the workers in the other industries. The personal protection equipment that workers wear in the pharmaceutical industry are not very different from those used in the food processing industry.  If we provide the workers a healthy and safe work environment, we will have a greater rate of productivity and profit. 

Today I am gonna tell you about Food processing PPE and why we should use it during food processing. 

During working in the food industry, workers usually get injured. Because of contamination hazards, flash fire hazards, cut injuries and cryogenic hazards, workers get injured. 

Preventing Infection or contamination hazards

Preventing infection is the main priority in any food processing industry. There are unique design properties which are implemented to make the garment versatile for any task. Cleaner, more productive and safer area is designed. For the safety of workers the whole place is kept clean to kill every kind of infectious germs and viruses. 

Preventing cut injuries

While processing food, many workers get injured because of sharp knives. Getting injured with knives during slicing, chopping and cutting is really common in food industries.  Also because of cut injuries, the risk of contaminating food also increases. Due to which a large amount of production can be affected badly. 

For reducing the risk of cut injuries the workers in industries are used to wear special types of gloves. It is important to wash your hands before putting on gloves. These gloves are not used just for reducing the risk of spreading germs but also these gloves help workers to prevent many major types of cut injuries.

Protecting our hands using cut resistant gloves is just one thing, in addition many industries provide their worker cut resistant jackets, chaps, sleeves and aprons, for worker’s full body protection. 

For thermal and liquid protection

Thermal protection is important for workers safety. It is important due to the danger of temperature extremes. To lift something really hot or cold is impossible without any protection. Worker hands could be burned due to excessive heat. 

So in order to reduce the risk of getting injured because of such thermal problems, specially designed gloves are used by the workers. What type of glove you should wear depends on the nature of the material being handled and tasks which are to be performed. 

In addition liquid or substances which are present in the food processing unit may make it difficult for the workers to handle various materials. Which can create many problems such as productivity problems and protection problems. 

In order to work efficiently, we should work on how we can help workers to have better gripping. For this purpose specially designed gloves are used to maximize the gripping of the worker, while maintaining functionality. 

Eyes protection, hairnets and beard nets

During working in the food processing plant area it is really important to keep our hair bound, so that not even a single hair falls in food. For this, hair nets are used to bound worker’s hairs and beard nets are used. 

In addition eye protection is also important. During working some kind of spray droplet or any other food material can accidentally get into our eyes, which can hurt our eyes. For eye safety, workers should use safety goggles or a face shield.

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