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Everything to know about Pizza Stones

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Pizza stones have become quite a basic tool used in the kitchen for baking and cooking purposes. Nowadays, people are more likely to use pizza stones for making pizzas and other bakery products. People are always in search of the ways by which they can know the most significant things about pizza stones. Some of the most significant things to know about pizza stones are listed below. So give a read to this article and know the facts about pizza stones.

Basic things about pizza stones

It is quite challenging to use a pizza stone but once people know about the use of a pizza stone, they can make it handy to use a pizza stone. Below listed are some of the points that can tell people about how to get started with a pizza stone.

  • Preheat pizza stone

First of all, people need to know the method by using which people can preheat pizza stone. Make sure to preheat the pizza stone at the same time you would preheat your oven. If you do not preheat the pizza stone properly, you can not get the required results.

  • Do not use oil or grease

The second fact about pizza stone is that you do not need to use oil or grease pizza stone. People think that using olive oil or other oils can not only increase the flavor but can also protect the dough from sticking. But the fact is that people do not have to use oil as it can get inside the pores. Moreover, when the oil is gone in the pores and excessively heated, it can sizzle and smoke. Smoking can alter the pizza smell and taste. So it is not recommended to use oil or grease.

  • Clean pizza stone gently

After using the pizza stone, you need to clean it thoroughly. You do not need to be harsh on the pizza stone as it can damage the structure of the pizza stone. A pizza stone can absorb water because it is porous. So you should only clean pizza stone gently.

A blackened pizza stone is perfect to use

It is quite fine to use a blackened pizza stone. Blackened pizza stones are perfect to use because they are quite natural. You can have a perfect experience of using a blackened pizza stone. When you use a pizza stone several times, it becomes used and seasoned. A seasoned pizza stone can add flavor to the pizza. You can have natural seasoning by using a blackened pizza stone. 

It would not be wrong to say that blackened pizza stones are the most seasoned. It can give natural flavor to the pizza. Although black pizza stone has turned black it can help you get divine pizza slices.

Have some practice using pizza stones

You need to be practiced if you want to use a pizza stone. It can be quite challenging to transfer the pizza on a pizza stone so, with some practice, you can make this process easier. Using parchment paper can be an easy process to transfer the pizza on a pizza stone. 

You need to be quite accurate when it comes to choosing the right side of the pizza. Most commonly observed, your pizza can become greater than the size of the pizza stone. So you need to have accurate measurements and a perfect guess of pizza dough so that it does not get bigger than the size of a pizza stone. It can be quite difficult to place pizza on a pizza stone but once you have done it several times, you can do it easily.

Pizza stone remains hot for a longer period of time

You need to preheat your pizza stone to get effective results. Once you have preheated the pizza stone, it can remain hot for a long time. Stones are good absorbers of heat so that they can capture heat for a longer time and they remain hot for a comparatively long time as compared to the oven.

It can take almost thirty minutes for you to preheat the pizza stone. Once you have preheated pizza stone, you can use it for a longer time.

It is an observation that the things that get heated quickly lose heat quickly as compared to those things that take time to get heated. So pizza stone is seen getting heated slowly, it shows that it can take time to lose the heat. 

You need to be gentle while using pizza stones

Pizza stones are brittle and sensitive so you need to be quite gentle with them. Pizza stones are made up of a tough piece of stone that takes almost 30 minutes to get heated. You need to handle pizza stones carefully. Moreover, you need to be gentle also when it comes to the cleaning of a pizza stone. The most common issue among pizza stones is that these are breakable hence they get cracked if not handled gently. A cracked pizza stone can alter the results. So you need to be quite careful while handling pizza stones.

Storing in oven

After you have used your pizza stone, you might be thinking of what to do now with the pizza stone. So it is a fact that you can store your pizza stone in your oven. You need to consider the size, shape, and weight of the pizza stone before you store it in your oven. It is best to store your pizza stone in your oven. You can take it out when you need to use and once it loses heat after using, it is nothing wrong to store your pizza stone in the oven.

Pizza stones are quite strong and versatile

Pizza stones are versatile as there are countless uses of pizza stones. You can cook delicious things by using pizza stones. You can cook the crispiest things, loaves of bread, and the most delicious pizzas by using pizza stones. The best thing is to warm the pizza stone before using it. Moreover, it is not recommended to use oil or grease on a pizza stone. Moreover, there is no need to submerge pizza stones in water. Pizza stones turn black after several uses. There is nothing to be worried about when it comes to the blackening of pizza stones. The more the pizza stone is blackened, the better results you can have. The more blackened is the pizza stone, the better seasoning, and flavor you can have.  

Working of the pizza stone

People need to know the working of pizza stone before you are using them. The pizza stone is made in such a way that it transmits the heat to the dough. The porous surface of the pizza stone helps people get a crispy bottom of the pizza. Moreover porous surface of the pizza stone absorbs moisture. When the pizza dough is heated up to 500 F, it can absorb whole moisture because water is converted into steam quite quickly.

People, in the contrast, people make pizzas using metal pans. Metal pans have a smooth surface that might make a pizza stick to the bottom. Unlike the smooth surface of metal pans, pizza stones have porous surfaces that help evaporate moisture and get the crispiest layer of pizza. Pizza stone when heated perfectly can help people have the best and perfectly baked pizza.

How to care for your pizza stone?

Things can be used for a longer time when they are handled properly. So you need to know the best ways by which you can care for your pizza stone. You need to keep the pizza stone dry and save it from moisture and you can store your pizza stone in the oven.

Pizza stones are most vulnerable to thermal shocks. There is a rapid temperature changing in the pizza stone. The rapid thermal changes, such as rapidly going from hot to cold can cause pizza stone to crack. Moreover pizza stone can also crack if you put a hot pizza stone in a cold oven. So you need to have the best temperature handling techniques when it comes to the careful handling of pizza stones.

It would be best to get a pizza stone in the first place when you are to bake a lot of pizzas or you bake pizzas more often.

Another benefit and purpose of placing a pizza stone in the oven are that an oven can help you equalize or maintain the oven’s heat. You can also minimize hot spots. However, the disadvantage of putting a pizza stone in the oven is that your oven can take time to preheat.

However, you still need to keep a pizza stone somewhere in the kitchen. So ovens are the best places to keep pizza stones. Moreover, you do not have to worry about sudden thermal changes. Also, you need to be perfect when it comes to self-care. It would not be bad for the pizza stone but for you if you drop the pizza stone on your toe. 

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