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Everything to know about mural art – Hidden facts about mural art

Some hidden facts you must need to know about the mural art. The history of street artwork or mural painting dates back beyond history, i.e., prehistory times. It is a form of valuable evidence of life from prehistoric times to the present day. Murals are an outdoor display of craftsmanship and human talent and can add more value to society and the environment. The word “mural” is derived from the “murus,” a Latin word that means wall. It is an artwork applied or painted directly to a wall, ceiling, or other larger permanent surface of different shapes. With wall murals and street art pieces becoming more diverse and available for people’s enjoyment, there are plenty of opportunities for the artists to take advantage of.

Characteristics of Mural Art

As suggested by cave paintings in many ancient human settlements, mural art is the oldest form of art and is found all over the world. The common characteristics of mural art are listed below:

1. Represents the activities of people of a specific civilization.

2. It is a blend of a variety of artistic and realistic styles with a dramatic feel of amazing volume and depth.

3. It often performs the role of raising public awareness on specific issues.

4. It acts as a mediator between the public, the artists, and the government.

5. It is a three-dimensional art form.

Benefits of Mural Art

Mural art offers different benefits, and that why mural painters and mural artists are always in demand.

Murals are eye-catching

Murals are attractive because of the uniqueness of this art. The wall-size alone exceeds the normal board and makes your photos stand out. They demand the attention of their customers, old and new.

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Murals make a statement

Murals are unique and make a bold and personal statement on your store. Used with care, it’s sure to help your brand and logo make a good impression on your customers and help them get to know your business better.

Murals are a more effective form of art

Painting can take days, and we’re not even talking about drying time. Mural art, on the other hand, installs efficiently and quickly. You need an even and smooth surface for painting, but wall murals offer many options for their textured surface.

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Good exposure

Murals have the power to reach a broad audience if placed in areas with high feet and traffic. It stands out along the busy streets as it is walled by smooth cement. Since the murals are outside the house, people cannot turn it off. That’s the reason why mural campaigns get a lot of visibility.

Have the power to create the buzz

The murals begin the discussions. It’s fun and exciting to try to find out what painting is all about. Murals allow us to see things from different angles. Many ideas, opinions, and emotions can be combined in one mural. Thanks to the Internet, people can share photo murals all over the world.

Knowing how to get started with mural art can be beneficial for the painters, illustrators, or graphic designers who have a secret ambition to expand their works. Learning about how large-scale design can introduce designs to an entirely different and new market is an amazing experience.

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