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Everything to know about Bitcoin exchanges? Big updates are happening

Here is everything to know about bitcoin exchanges. The invention of Cryptocurrency is popular in the digital world. In the digital market, this medium of exchange has resolved several issues. It is the right source to build profitable networks and business relationships. 

On Bitstampm ขุดเพื่อสร้างรายได้, information is available for the visitors. Digital asset and Bitcoin prices fluctuate because these are volatile. Trading in this medium of exchange is high-risk activity. Sound Judgment and proper understanding should be taken to understand the details of this currency. This is a profitable business but who has invented Cryptocurrency. The identity of the Bitcoin Creator is unknown. 

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Here is everything to know About Bitcoin exchanges

People, who design bitcoin and create its original reference implementations, use this name. They intend to be the first blockchain database. In 2008, white paper author about cryptocurrency is believed to be the ethereal person behind Bitcoin. In different times, different people have been found as Satochi Nakamoto.

On P2P Foundation, the now iconic white paper has been published. In this paper, it was published that Nakamoto was born in 1975 and lived in Japan. Media claimed in March 2014, that they have found a person who claimed that he was a computer engineer. He lived in Los Angeles County in Temple City. 

Bitstampm first attempt at Bitcoin Trading Algorithms

Bitstampm algorithm refers to the set of instructions, prepared in order to achieve a particular target. Keeping in view this concept we can talk about trading algorithms on this portal, trading algorithm is the concept of programming a computer over a certain set of instructions to be implemented under the motto of trade, to gain profits. Trading algorithms are used to produce profits at a frequency which is not possible for a human brain to attain. Similar sort of trading algorithm is used in Bitcoin, which is known to be the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency launched back in 2009. Anyhow trading algorithms are easy to be implemented but difficult to be planned. 

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This blog has highlighted the first attempt at Bitcoin Trading Algorithms, in order to acquire maximum profits. Initially Bitstampm เครื่องขุด ETH designed a python script to prompt the interaction between real and digital currency. In second phase following algorithms were designed, which were then subjected to compete with one another (in order to explore the feasibility of these algorithms):

Initial Trading Algorithm:

The algorithm was designed in a way to tackle abrupt change in the prices of stocks; for instance, it tends to purchase stocks at a particular cost. Once stocks are purchased either of the following two conditions pops up:

Condition 1- When Prices of Stocks Go up:

In case if the prices of stocks rise, the trading algorithm is programmed to calculate the profit by comparing the initial and present values of stocks. In case of higher profits, it sells these stocks to acquire profits.

Condition 2- When Prices of Stocks fall:

When prices of stocks fall below a certain level then trading algorithms purchase more stocks at minimum cost, in order to acquire profits when prices go up. 

Loss-Counter Algorithm

The algorithm was designed by Prescott regency’s software experts to deal with the transaction records. It keeps an eagle’s eye on the prices of stocks to prevent any losses in future, therefore if stocks’ prices fall below the rate at which they were purchased, the trading algorithm sells them to prevent any further losses. 

Dynamic Trading Algorithm

The trading algorithm is designed in order to purchase or sell stocks at a firm amount. These stocks are sold and purchased randomly.

These algorithms were subjected to compete, where they produced optimistic results. They were then implemented to trade, conclusively making higher profits. 

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