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EFFUEL Reviews – A Way To Boost Your Car’s Performance? Effuel ECO OBD2 Reviews

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In today’s world, we see a lot of car manufacturers coming out with fully electric vehicles. EVs, as they are called, are exceptional vehicles with minimum moving parts and zero emissions. Along with that, a single charge gives you about 250 miles on average. So basically, those 250 miles are completely free. Fossil fuels are continuing to rise in prices and there is no doubt that this would go on for the years to come. Given that you cannot afford to buy a new EV or that where you live, there are no charging stations. What can you do? Well, EFFUEL is the answer to all your questions.

Developed after years of research, Effuel is stated to bring some latent performance from your existing car, both in fuel economy and overall power delivery of the vehicle. All you need is to have a car with the supported electronic control unit and you’re good to go.

What is Effuel?

Before we dive into finding out about how it really works into making your car perform, we have to find out what the Effuel device really is and what it is about. Developed by some capable people, Effuel is a chipset device designed to be plugged into your car via the OBD2 port. This port can be found on multiple spots in your car, depending on the model and the make. Additionally, it then interacts with your electronic control unit or ECU to tinker with the car’s performance.

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The makers of this simple device programmed it in such a way that it works around your driving pattern to see how you actually drive the car, how often do you drive it and what are your braking and accelerating patterns. It then simply keeps a record of those patterns and accordingly tweaks the engine to perform at its best possible capacity to give you the best possible performance. What can this do in return? Give you an amazing throttle response, make your car waste less energy and not to mention, save money on gas. Let’s dive into the specifics to see how it actually manages to do these things.

How Does Effuel Work?

Now, the interaction between the device and your vehicle is via the OBD2 interface. What you do is simply plug it into the car’s panel and let the device do its job. There are a couple of pre requisites that you have to complete and follow in order to get the device running. Before buying, make sure your car has an ECU. While all the cars today have this unit, cars in the past seldom did. If your car is dated before the year 1996 then make sure you go through your user manual to see if your particular model has this interface installed.

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Great! Now, after you have managed the first step, we move on to the Effuel EcoOBD2 device. After locating the OBD2 interface, switch off your car and plug in the device. As you can see, it is a small and compact chip-based device that would not take any space. Next, what you should do is put the key into the ignition and turn it to the switch mode. This is where your car does not completely start but runs solely on battery. Now, you would press the reset button on the device for about 5 seconds and then release it for another minute. Now, just start your car like you normally would and let the magic happen.

What just happened was that you helped calibrate the EcoOBD2 from Effuel according to your car. Now, after about 150 miles or 200 kilometers, the device would have recognized your pattern and would work at making your car work more efficiently. What would this mean then?

Since the device would be working now, it would extract the best possible performance out of your car in every gear input. This would mean ample engine response to your throttle, good torque produced. None of that energy would be wasted in the slow responsiveness of the engine. This would in turn help in managing fuel economy in a much better way. According to the manufacturer, you should see about a 35 per cent increase in power delivery from the engine. On the other side, since you getting more power, the car would be delivering up to 25 per cent more torque. There will also be about a 30 to 35 per cent increase in fuel efficiency. So those weekly trips to the gas station would definitely be less frequent.

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Additionally, there will be less wear and tear in your car’s engine since there will be efficiency in your engines moving parts which would increase the longevity of certain components. This means that yearly expenditure on the car’s maintenance would be reduced significantly. This would be beside the savings you’d be making on gas.

Benefits of Effuel EcoOBD2

When investing in a device that you have zero experience with, you should know what they’re actually offering that you should go for it.

Firstly, what you get with the Effuel is that constant ease of mind. You know your car is working at its best possible potential and you just need to wake up in the morning, start it and be on your way. How simple is that? Not to mention, the device at use is tiny, silent and out of your sight which makes it quite convenient, running in the back and doing the job you would pay a mechanic hundreds of dollars to do.

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Secondly, it drastically increases the performance of your car, for the better. According to the numbers, the car delivers about 35 per cent better power performance and a whopping 25 per cent more torque. Not to mention, the efficiency goes to the fuel consumption side of things as well where you can actually see a 35 per cent saving in your fuel expenditure.

Lastly, we have to see the environmental benefits of the Effuel EcoOBD2 as well. Since your engine would be running at its optimum level, there will be fewer emissions and waste of energy. Since you’d be saving up on gas usage as well, there will be a lesser demand for fuel. This means that your carbon footprint would be reduced quite significantly, thus making the addition to your car good for the environment as well.

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Reservations – Is Effuel a Scam?

While the EcoOB2 does pose some great benefits for the end user and make it a no brainer of a purchase, we have to look at some reservations people may have. Firstly, we look at the nature of the product. While many cars have electrically controlled variables, there are still moving parts that require physical tweaking and tuning in order to get them right. Secondly, the manufacturer offers no care driving but fact of the matter is that you’ll eventually have to go to the workshop in order to get spark plugs or overall engine tuning done. It is the standard procedure and something that simply cannot be ignored. Lastly, many new cars have such controller fittings in them which work towards fine-tuning the car to its best possible potential, rendering the added cost pretty useless and redundant.

Effuel Price

The Effuel EcoOBD2 is currently available directly through the manufacturer’s website. This is done so in order to provide excellent savings and bundles. Currently, there are three bundles available on their website.

All of the purchasing options offer Guaranteed results and you can return it free of charge with your money back within the first month of your official purchase.

Does Effuel Really Work?

So, wrapping up. The Effuel EcoOBD2 offers a good number of services in a small packing. While there are some reservations about it being redundant, it cannot be ignored that the tool offers a quick and easy solution for your car’s performance. Most importantly, not only does it lead to less expenditure on fuel, it also results in a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

With their economical bundles for people with multiple cars and an easy money-back guarantee, perhaps users could try the device to see if it gives them the claimed benefits or not. Either way, not a bad investment if the latter condition stands.

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