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Editing Black and White Photos: Get Started

With most wedding photographers costing around $4,000,Editing Black and White Photos: there’s never been a better time to learn some photo editing tricks. Whether or not you’re hoping to enter the photography business, refining your photography skills can come in handy. But what do you need to know?

Read on to learn how to get started with editing black and white photos! Editing Black and White Photos:

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Photo Editing Should Focus on Composition

Before you get too focused on the details of your photo, start by editing the composition. For instance, you might be able to improve a photo by cropping in on the faces and eliminating unnecessary background space.

Or maybe the top right corner of your photo is the best part. Focus on creating a dynamic composition with faces that consume the space or diagonal lines that create interest. 

Add Contrast to Black and White Photos

When you look at your photo, do you see much contrast? If your photo is stuck in a gray zone, amp up the contrast. In Photoshop, you can use a burn tool to make smokier blacks and deeper grays. By contrast, you can use the dodge tool to accentuate highlights. 

Avoid allowing too many middle grays to dominate. The part of the photo with the most contrast will direct the viewer’s eye there.

Adjust Colors when Editing Black and White Portraits

It might surprise you to learn that adjusting the color settings in a photo editing program can impact a black and white photo. The color channels in Photoshop and other programs will affect how true your white and black appear.

For a smoother white, slide the yellow channel bar around to get the desired look. For a deeper, richer black, you might need to maneuver the red or blue channels. There’s not a specific formula that works, so you’ll need to make adjustments and critique as you go!

Learn How to Edit Black and White Photos with Color

Are you starting off with a color photo, or hoping to add some color to a black and white photo? Most photo editing platforms — and even your smartphone — make it easy to turn a color photo into a black and white one. Simply press a button for the conversion to happen.

But going the other way can be tricker. You can apply photo filters to black and white images to create a tint of yellow, orange, or blue. Or you can create layers of color over select areas, such as someone’s hair or a city scene, that are realistic or playful. 

While you’re at it, try a photo background remover. For instance, you can eliminate a boring sky behind a building and inject more interest with a new background. Whether color or black and white, you’ll breathe new life into the image!

Get Better at Black and White Editing

When you take the time to edit black and white photos, you can elevate the look of a classic image. Adjust the composition and contrast levels to create more interest. Toggle the colors to smooth out gradations and use other tools to refine textures and values.

Get more photo editing tips. Check back soon for new articles!

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