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Do You Vape? Here Are Some Essential Tips

Did you know that the e-cigarette and vaping market in the United States has a projected value of over $40 billion by the year 2028? As more people quit cigarettes and switch to vaping, they realize that vaping can be a safer and healthier way to support their nicotine habit.

Do you vape, or have you considered learning how to vape? Here are some first time vaping tips for newbies, as well as vaping tips for anyone who wants more information about vaping.

Buying a THC vape pen from an online dispensary is also a good way to try. You may end up liking it more than smoking cannabis!

Store Your Vape Properly

If you invest a lot of money in your vape setup, you should keep it as safe as possible when not in use. It’s important to store your vape properly so that it can continue to function properly. You will also avoid dangerous situations concerning temperature and light exposure.

For example, make sure you keep your vape at room temperature. This can be caused by hot weather or if the device is in the direct pathway of a light source like an open window. This will keep parts from melting and getting sun damage.

In addition, direct exposure to sunlight can alter the taste of your e-liquid or vape juice. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on e-juice, only to have the taste ruined from not storing your vape appropriately.

Monitor Temperature

You need to learn how to control the temperature of your vaping rig as soon as possible after you get it. For many vape mods, the temperature is adjustable, so you will not burn your lungs when inhaling.

If you set up your vape mod with customizable features, you can ask to have coils put in that enables temperature control. Some of the best coil materials include nickel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Follow Vaping Etiquette

Once you get your starter vape kit, you need to respect the rules and etiquette surrounding vaping. Although vape smoke is not as harmful as traditional cigarette smoke, you should still ensure that you do not bother non-smokers.

If you go somewhere that has large crowds, make sure to check the smoking and vaping guidelines beforehand. There could be a designated area for smoking that you need to go to in order to vape safely.

Most of the rules that apply to smoking also apply to vaping. You cannot vape indoors at most businesses and will need to be away from a building by a certain distance.

Always Have a Charger

If you rely on your vape constantly, you do not want to have a dead rig when you need to smoke. Make sure to charge your battery before you go anywhere for the day so you have a few hours’ supplies of battery juice.

You can also solve this problem with portable vape chargers. A battery pack means that you can charge your vape anywhere, as long as the battery pack stays charged. You can also hook your vape rig up to your car through a USB charger to get more power that way.

Nicotine or Cannabis

Once you set up your vaping rig, you can decide what type of juice you want to use. If you’re just getting started or you want to quit cigarettes, then you should try doing nicotine-based e-juices.

These types of juices come in every flavor imaginable. You can mix several of them to create customized flavors as well. They also have varying strengths of nicotine concentration. This can be helpful if you want to wean yourself off nicotine by lowering the amount in your juice while smoking.

Vape pens are also used for consuming cannabis. Many dispensaries sell juice infused with THC, CBD, or both so that you can smoke your cannabis without causing as much damage to your lungs.

Inhale Properly

The two main types of vapes are mouth holders and inhalers. The mouth holder works by allowing you to hold the smoke in your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs. With the inhaler, it goes straight into the lungs.

You should take a slow and steady draw so that you do not get too much smoke in your mouth or throat. This could cause uncomfortable burning, coughing, or even choking. You can also adjust your temperature and concentration settings if you have a bad experience.

Protect Your Vape

When you spend a lot of money on your vape setup, you should always try to protect your vape when you are on the go. One of the best vaping tips is to buy a professional and high-quality case to hold your vaping rig and extra supplies.

If you have a glass vape cartridge, an easy hack is to wrap a rubber band around it so that it can survive falls of three to four feet. One of the most common causes of breakage is simply dropping the vape.

Clean Your Vape Regularly

You should clean your vape on a regular basis, not only for hygiene purposes but to keep your setup working well. You should find somewhere that you will not be disturbed and disassemble your vape. Make sure to keep track of all the parts before you put them back together.

If you have a refillable tank, run warm water through it and wipe it down gently with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. To clean other parts, you can spray them and do the same process of cleaning with a small cloth. Let them air dry for a few minutes and then reassemble them.

Do You Vape? Learn More About Vaping Today

Do you vape or want to begin vaping? Whether you are new to vaping or you are a vaping veteran that wants vaping tips, you should always look to improve your experience. With these vaping tips, you can upgrade your setup or take care of your vaping rig so it will last longer.

Would you like to learn about more ways you can improve your hobbies, including vaping? Check out our site for more advice, tips, and tricks.

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