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Do you need a Wedding planner for your dream wedding?

Here are the top reasons why you need a wedding planner for your dream wedding. Planning a wedding requires a lot of effort. It is a very time taking task and can be a source of stress. It is an important day for the bride and groom. Expectations for the entire event is quite high and requires lots of detail work. 

There are many couples who work full time. They dream of having a perfect dream wedding, which requires attention and hard work. Sometimes family and friends take some wedding duties. When you hire a wedding coordinator/planner, it takes the stress and pressure off of your shoulders. They also help to make your big day beautiful. 

Benefits of having a wedding planner

The main benefit of a wedding planner is that they can do all the work while keeping everything in check and balance. They tend to rehearse and plan everything with the bride and groom. Another positive benefit is they can handle last-minute blunders from bride dress pickup and makeup fixing to the groom’s late entry or bad groom speech. They also check the venues and service providing vendors within the budget.

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Hiring the right wedding planner

Interviewing the right wedding planner is very critical. It can make or break your wedding day. All it depends on your requirements, budget, and wedding planner’s availability.

The second most important thing is if the wedding planner mindset and chemistry matched yours. The level of comfort and communication from both sides needs to be great to have the best work delivered.

While searching and interviewing, go for local wedding planners where your wedding will be. A planner knows the area season details as well as the pros and cons of venues. They can also tell surely what services and products can be done and can’t . Example: Bakers, florists, suppliers for tables and chairs and tablecloth linens.

What you should have at the time of booking a wedding planner

Once you have completed interviewing all the planners and going for booking, there are details that you should have to kick start your wedding preparations

  • An expected wedding date 
  • The geographic wedding 
  • A rough estimate of guests
  • A budget limit and plan for your wedding 

A smart and efficient planner will always share the detailed budget, services estimated prices, a discount he/she may be eligible for, and cost breakdown. 

wedding planner

Reviews and Feedbacks about the planner

Always look for reviews, feedback, and reference regarding a wedding planner you are looking forward to booking for your wedding. A tiny detail that wedding planners usually do not tell at the time of booking can be known from feedback. 

Asking the right question from the planner

Ask your planner regarding how they plan to proceed with wedding planning? What vendors do they know? What services can you get through planner at discounted or special rates? Who will, how, and when service providers will be paid? What will be the terms of payment with the planner? Find How planners deal with budgeting?


Hiring a planner may seem to be difficult and complex, but it is easier than managing the wedding planning yourself. A real effort at the start of choosing the right planner is worth all the pain and sweat. Once you have hired, sit back and relax. Enjoy your day without worrying about payments and minor details, and last minute  problems.

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