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Do something different on this year’s vacation

Planning a great vacation each year has become one of the most important parts of modern life. Yet many of us hardly give any time to think about what sort of holiday is best for us.

In the new spirit of wellbeing and self-care, we all would surely benefit from giving a little time to consider what will really benefit us while on vacation. What type of holiday will add most to our life and memories?

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For some the answer is easy: simply relaxing. They have worked hard all year – and just want to find a spot in the sun where they can lay their weary heads.

That’s why so many Americans look for a sunny beach, with a hotel close by, and a good selection of food and drink on hand. Some prefer a pool, other want the sound of the ocean waves.

The size and variety of climates and landscapes available within the US mean that many vacationers don’t need to leave the country to find these holiday hot spots. It’s easy: they head to big American beach resorts, like those of Florida and California.

Overall, the number of Americans travelling out of the country to take their vacation is still low compared with many other nations. From long roadtrips to luxury resorts, the US can cater to many of the travel needs of its own population.

Increasingly however there are those Americans who are looking for more variety and adventure from their vacations. That’s why there has been a gradual rise in numbers choosing to take their vacation abroad.

Leaving the US literally opens up a world of possibilities. Travellers may head to see the penguins in Antarctica or fly to a luxury spa resort in the heat of Dubai.

They could tour the history and culture of Europe or take an exciting roadtrip through South America. They can visit the Royal palaces of Great Britain or see the pyramids of Egypt.

More and more types of holiday are being offered across the globe as the latest vacation trends pull more people into more adventurous experiences like these. Many travellers are discovering that an engrossing and exciting vacation does them better than simply sleeping and drinking on a Florida beach.

A wildlife tour of Costa Rica or a foodie trip to South East Asia may actually leave them feeling more refreshed – and with a head full of memories for the rest of their lives. Compared to slumping on the sands of South Beach, it will certainly leave them with a smartphone full of impressive images.

Perhaps that’s why new types of vacation are hitting the headlines all the time. One week it’s the appeal of mountain treks, the next it might be all about the pleasure of a painting holiday in Greece.

One of the classic types of vacation that is hitting the crest of a wave right now is sailing. Of course, this used to be the sole preserve of the wealthy – now it is fast becoming a popular choice for all sorts of travellers.

Sailing has now become one of the best things to do on vacation if you are looking for a unique experience.

The rise of superb international charter operators like BorrowaBoat has made it so much easier to book a holiday afloat. The vast range of a top boating broker like this means that hiring a yacht or catamaran can be surprisingly affordable.

Some choose to do the sailing themselves, others opt for a boat with a skipper or even a complete crew. There are boats available for all sizes of party from a single berth sailing yacht to a palatial super-yacht for a large party.

Operators like BorrowaBoat have hundreds of vessels available for charter at scores of harbours and marinas around the world, from Phuket in Thailand to Roadtown in the British Virgin Islands.

Travel experts say that boating holidays are definitely on the up. The ability to sail where you want, when you want certainly sounds like a great recipe for a vacation. For more information on Fun over 50 tours check out Fun over 50 Holidays.

Some prefer to leave all the sailing to others though ­– and that’s why cruises are the perfect way to travel without having to touch a rope or a rudder.

In fact many cruise passengers don’t even touch the water during their vacation. A giant cruise ship can be a way of sailing without any sensation of the sea at all.

Cruises instead offer the chance to eat, drink and enjoy a leisurely break with a crew member always on hand to take your order.

The lazy can sleep on a sunny deck, the energetic can take a guided trip to explore a new port every day. It’s certainly a stress-free way of sailing.

Many others prefer to get much closer to the places they are visiting such as hiking, however, when it comes to doing something different on vacation – sailing truly hits the mark. This is because you can visit remote islands, witness unforgettable scenery and even get close up to sea creatures that cannot be done on a typical vacation.

It’s not for everyone – but a walking tour of Tuscany in Italy or a hike in New Zealand’s fantastic Lord of the Rings scenery is certainly a way of getting up close to a destination and culture.

And more and more are choosing cycling tours or roadtrips too. Driving a hire car around the sights of the UK or cycling along the shores of the Mediterranean might be just the way to have your memorable vacation this year.

Whatever you choose, think about how you will feel not just on the vacation – but in the weeks afterwards. Will your mind be full of great memories – and will you be itching for the next adventure?

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