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Do People Still Play Offline Games?

There was a point in the last 10 years where it became normal to see the words, “requires an internet connection to play” on the cover of a video game. Prior to that,Do People Still Play Offline Games? had anyone seen those words on a game they would have run a mile.

What’s the point in buying a physical game if you can’t play it without an internet connection ,Do People Still Play Offline Games? isn’t that how games are supposed to work anyway? Well seemingly not. Nowadays the vast majority of our favourite games require some form of internet connection to be enjoyed.

In this article we take a look at some specific examples to analyse whether people are still playing offline and what impact the shift towards online has had on the wider gaming market in general.

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Casino Gambling

In the early 1990s there were a number of efforts made by forward thinking entrepreneurs to take gambling online.  However, a mixture of poorly adapted technology and legislative difficulties meant that those efforts ultimately fell to failure.

Over the course of the last 20 years though the online gambling industry – in particular online casino sites – have gone from strength to strength as technology has improved and laws have been repealed. Currently the UK has one of the leading online casino markets, but many other countries are following the British lead.

In terms of market share, the land-based gambling sector in the UK is still ahead of online, but the gap is narrowing. Of the £15 billion gross gambling yield made each year, just over £5 billion comes from online gambling.

That figure is growing every year, with industry experts predicting that the online sector will reach parity with its land-based counterparts within the next decade.

Verdict: Despite the online sector growing at a phenomenal rate, in the main it looks as though people still do play offline at land-based casinos or in licensed betting shops.

Board Games

It might seem odd to see board games mentioned in relation to online gaming, but believe it or not the classic games have undergone somewhat of a revival thanks to the internet. Once only used for rainy days or to incite family arguments over Christmas, board games are now incredibly popular on mobile devices.

Monopoly, Scrabble and many other top titles have migrated to mobile. Unsurprisingly online board games experienced a huge spike in popularity in March 2020 when much of the world was forced indoors as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

What that did for the industry in general though was encourage more people to buy physical copies of their favourite board games. As a result the global market exceeded $11 billion last year with that figure expected to rise above $12 billion for 2021.

Verdict: Whilst online board games proved popular in March 2020,Do People Still Play Offline Games? that popularity actually led to an increase in the sales of physical board games so offline still remains more popular than online.

Video Games

Unless you were living under a rock last year you will have heard of the fictional city of Verdansk that played host to tens of millions of Call of Duty in spring last year. The online game mode Warzone, which was released on console and PC at the height of lockdown became one of the biggest gaming hits of the millennium.

But, does that mean that online is dominating offline in the world of video games? Well according to data released by PlayStation, not really. According to their statistics the vast majority of gamers spend more time playing offline game modes than online ones.

Games with enthralling and engaging single-player story modes are still captivating the imaginations of PlayStation users. How long that may continue in to the future for is another question altogether though.

Verdict: Yet again, despite the hype and appearances from the outside, offline is still outperforming online in the video games category.

What the Future Holds

Now it’s time to gaze into our crystal ball for a moment and attempt to predict what might happen in the future. The first place to look is at the figures and all of the key indicators mentioned above point to growth in the online sector.

The growth of the offline sector in most cases doesn’t measure up, which means only one thing – online will overtake offline at some point. Knowing exactly when, is a different matter altogether as these things are notoriously hard to predict.

The example of online board games sparking a revival in the sale of physical board games shows just how unpredictable the gaming market can be. Our advice for the future for gaming fans though would be to invest in a good internet connection.

When the revolution happens and everything does move online, you don’t want to be left behind lonely playing old Campaign modes on your favourite games.

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