Do delta 8 gummies contain THC or CBD? Find out more here!

You may have heard of delta 8 gummies – but what are they? Are they made of CBD or THC? Will they have any psychoactive properties or are they solely for physical health benefits? Learn more about delta 8 gummies here so you can know what to expect and how much to take – and if it’s the right choice for you! 

What are delta 8 gummies?

The first thing that you need to learn about delta 8 gummies is what they are – what is delta 8 cannabis? Even though this product is slowly taking over the mainstream weed world, you need to know if this is the right product for you. Just because some people enjoy THC, it doesn’t mean you will – the same goes for any type of weed product. You need to do some research beforehand to ensure you are making a smart decision for your health! 

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So, what is delta 8? Delta 8 from DankeSuper DSquared8 is a type of CBD strain that is made from hemp. Although it shares its name with the Delta 9 product, it is very different from the Delta 9 THC that you may be used to – in fact it is much subtler and better for beginners. Delta 8 is a component in cannabis that provides psychoactive properties – as you would find in almost any THC product. However, delta 8 gummies are very different from delta 9 cannabis. Delta 8 is made from hemp, meaning that delta 8 is legal – whereas delta 9 gummies aren’t legal in non-cannabis states. 

So is delta 8 made of CBD or THC? Delta 8 gummies are basically their own category – and cannot be considered CBD or THC, in fact, it is its own subset that combines a few properties of both CBD and THC into one product. Delta 8 gummies have slightly psychoactive properties that are above 0.3% – the cut-off line to make something CBD instead of THC. However, delta 8 gummies are oftentimes used for physical and mental benefits, such as helping with insomnia and calming down after a long day. Therefore, it combines the best of both CBD and THC into one! 

Are there any benefits of taking delta 8 gummies over other products? In short, yes, there are. Delta 8 gummies can provide you with the benefits of smoking weed – you will feel relaxed, calm, happy, and de-stressed. In addition, it can help with physical ailments, such as chronic joint pain, muscle soreness, and recovery after intense exercise symptoms. Therefore, using delta 8 gummies provide the benefits of both THC and CBD – you can take delta 8 gummies at the recommended dosage to enjoy physical pain relief and mental clarity.


Since delta 8 gummies are their own subset, you will find that they are nearly pure CBD or THC – in fact, they are their own combination! Delta 8 gummies combine the benefits of both THC and CBD into one, providing you with physical benefits and mental clarity that you would get from both THC and CBD gummies. 

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