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DIY roof replacement vs. professional roofing replacement

You have a lot of options when it comes to replacing your roof. You can do the work yourself or hire a professional roofing contractor Framingham ma team, depending on what you need and how skilled you are at projects like this. If things seem easy enough for just about anyone with some time to spare then go ahead and replace that old roof by yourself if possible- but if something seems too complicated because there is more than one problem area on the surface of your home’s existing structure, which may be due in part from lack of maintenance over an extended period, then consider hiring professionals as well!

Replacing on Your Own

  • You can replace parts of your roof if you notice any slight leaks. These include spots where water is dripping in a small space.
  • Replacing individual loose shingles is fine to do on your own. You can do this if there is just a small patch of shingles that needs to be replaced.
  • Think about how well you understand the roof replacement process. You can always work with this on your own if you have the materials needed, but it is best for when you are working in a smaller space.
  • You would have to watch for how the shingles around your roof are laid out and if they are shedding their materials. A full inspection of your gutters might be required at this point. This would require extra effort and might require you to remove and replace your gutters if necessary.
  • Replacements work on your own if you have not added any layers to your roof and your roof is also less than fifteen years of age. You would have to check your local homeowners association to see if you can get a new layer added without having to go through extensive repairs in your local area.

Hiring a Professional

  • Professional roof replacement employees work best on larger surfaces as well as on steep and complicated roofing surfaces.
  • A professional roofing contractor should be contacted if the leaks around a roof are too strong or if there are far too many of them scattered around the place.
  • Contact a professional if you have too many shingles around your roof that need to be replaced. This could be a sign of the shingles being too weak in a few spots.
  • A professional team roofing company framingham ma will help you if you are struggling to find the shingles you need for your roof. It is best to get such a team to replace your entire roof if you are unable to find matching shingles that fit on your existing roof if you have a spot to fix up.
  • You should also contact a professional team if there is more than one layer of shingles on your roof. At this juncture, you would surely have to get your roof replaced all the way just to get it taken care of properly.

Which Works Best?

The best way to keep your roof in good shape is by making sure it gets the right care. If you’re having trouble with a small repair, try doing what needs done yourself; if things are more serious and would take months of work for someone else to fix them on their own, then find out who can help!

At Framingham Roofing contractor in framingham, we will be able to install or replace a quality roof for your home. Once we have provided you with a residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement in Framingham, you can trust us to assist you with all of the repair services that you need throughout the years and seasons. Give us a call at 508-544-0877 to learn all about how we can help you build a quality roof for your home.

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