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Difference between back-end and software development

The engineering system includes all stages of creating and updating complex computing systems, in which software plays the main role. Difference between back-end and software development We are talking about the development of hardware, computing processes and placement of the entire system, software development technology. Engineers define the architecture. The calculation is based on technical requirements. The specialists then connect the individual components and create the final version of the system. Difference between back-end and software development Systems engineers consider a system to be a structural unit with specified components.

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Systems engineering, as a discipline, arose even earlier than software engineering .Difference between back-end and software development Humans have been designing difficult industrial systems for over a century. At the same time, with the increasing role of the software element in the system, the software engineering methodology (automation of systems modeling, management of specification development, etc.) is used more and more often in the development of various systems. The medical field occupies a special place in this process. To properly organize the design and functioning of the medical portal, call Halo-Lab – medical website design company.

The basics of software development

The development of this software consists of the sequence of certain actions. They are based on the development of software engineering. There are 4 basic actions, without which it is impossible to carry out any software development project.

  • The process of preparing software requirements. They determine the functionality of the system and therefore it is imperative to implement them.
  • Software development processes depending on its specifications.
  • Software verification process. The program must be tested to validate the customer’s requirements.
  • The process of updating and improving the software. The final model should be such that it is easy to upgrade to adapt to changing customer requirements.

Performing various software projects, specialists can organize the above processes in different ways. They can also outline at different detail steps. These processes are implemented with different durations.

A small description of the cost scheme for development

The stages of software development and their type affect the accuracy of calculations of software development costs. We offer an option where the total cost of software development is 100 units.  More details can find here:

How are the costs of individual stages of  development distributed?

The possibility of this kind of cost scheme increases when calculating separately the costs of the specification, development, and assembly of software. In most cases, the cost of manufacturing and testing is significantly higher than the cost of a full-fledged software development. For example, certification of a software system can cost 40% of the total cost. Some critical systems can take away all 50% at this step.

By taking an evolutionary approach to software development, a company loses the ability to clearly delineate software development processes. Thus, the structure of expenses is changing. The template stage is highlighted separately, since the general template specification of the starting level is developed before the start of software development. Top-level specification, development, production, assembly, software testing are carried out in parallel to the stage of its creation. In addition, this approach requires some system validation steps to be completed after the initial development phase.

Cost plan for an evolutionary software development concept

The software development price also includes flight upgrade costs for the initial use of the software. Many programs in the process of modernization exceed 3-4 times the total value of software creation.

The cost of software development and improvement

The costs of custom software development are approximately the same. But, the cost of each development step can vary significantly. This applies to programs developed for the PC. Such software is developed using an evolutionary approach, using a ready-made specification template. Therefore, the first step is relatively cheap in terms of price. But testing such systems is more expensive.

Cost structure for software development to order

The cost of a software update is difficult to calculate. In most cases, small formal upgrades are carried out. Usually, at the start of sales of the created product, the creation of the next versions begins. For marketing purposes, it is better to present a new version as a new product than a modified version previously purchased by the user. Therefore, the cost of updates is usually not separately taken into account, as with specialized software updates. It is included in the cost of developing a new software version.

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