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Destiny 2 Game Guide: Information About How to Accomplish Dares of Eternity Activity

There are a variety of new activities for players to accomplish in Destiny 2. And the new DLC adds a new player activity called Dares of Eternity. This new activity is full of loot-driven activities, Destiny 2 Game Guide: which attracts players to join in and get more special items as rewards. In the Dares of Eternity, players can experience the new social space and talk with NPCs in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Meanwhile, you can buy D2 Silver to collect more beautiful skins for your weapons or gear in the game, and you can show them off among other players in the matches. Destiny 2 Game Guide: 

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In order to join in the Dares of Eternity, players should assemble a team with 6 players at first, they can find the Xur who is the main NPC of the activity to accept guide about the activity. When accomplishing activities, they will be rewarded with a lot of things, such as exclusive emotes, items, normal ornaments and shaders. There is also the Starhorse NPC in Xur’s treasure Hoard. Players can obtain Dare bounties with XP from the Starhorse NPC. They have to use Strange Coins which can be earned through completing the Dares of Eternity activities. In the process of killing special bosses in the activity, players can obtain a large amount of Strange Coins.

How to Accomplish Dares of Eternity Activity

Eternity Activity

When you begin to join in the Dares of Eternity Activity, you should make sure that you can complete all the bounties that Xur provides, and you have to complete them at least one run. You can go to the Eternity location on the map and choose the Dares of Eternity. While the normal activities are easy to complete, you should make preparations for the 1320 power level legend. You will demand a pre-made fireteam and equip special armor that loads with two charged light mods. As joining in the activity, you can go to the first area through portal. Players should spin the Wheel of Adversity, it will decide the types of enemies that they will meet in the activity. You will need weapons that can be used to clear out a large amount of enemies in order to complete it easily.

There are two phases in the first round of Dares of Eternity. When you have decided the type of enemy through the Wheel of Adversity, you have to kill all the types of enemies in the first phase. After completing this phase, champions will spawn in the activity. So, if you are low-level players with the whole team, it is essential for you to use the champion mods to complete the quest. Compared to the first phase, the second phase is totally different. Different types of enemies will have different mechanics. Players should take care of their attack and beat them for the drops. You can take a new Wastlander Shotgun to kill the mini boss easily because of the high close-range damage.

As players encounter the Vex in Dares of Eternity, players have to kill a Vex enemy and have a cranium which can be used to defeat mini bosses shields. In addition, players need to meet the Scorn and kill a named enemy, then go yo debuff, they should destroy the crystals in order to complete the phase. There is a different type of enemy in the second phase called Fallen, who can appear in mines. Players have to clear out all the mines in the area to obtain the additional chest that contains the extra Strange Coins and Treasure Keys. 

Players are eager to accomplish the Dares of Eternity in order to obtain more unique items in Destiny 2. However, you can also Buy Destiny 2 Silver to purchase some essential items for your character during questing. You can find cheap price about Destiny 2 Silver on

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