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Dell G 15 SE Laptop Review – The Features and Price

Not long before, the concept of a $1,000 laptop looked like an impracticable dream. However, times have changed now. Instantly you may walk into exactly about every retailer & go out with a proficient Dell G 15 SE gaming laptop for that cost. Then the question becomes that one. & how to select? We were thinking this as well. That is why we newly bought the Dell G 15 SE. We were paying a $959 tablet with an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H central processor, eight gibbeted of memory, 512GB of sturdy-state storage, & AMD Radeon RX5600M image. It directs Windows 10 to come out of the box though this may be updated to Windows 11 for free. That is what we finished doing.

Design & Build:

Like many gaming laptops in its cost range, the whole build of the dell g 15 se Ryzen Version is formed out of plastic. However, that does not take away the reality that it is solid-built. There is lots of observation to detail & the product experience is polite with no rough edges or noticeable imperfections. Dell makes some design concepts from its earlier Alien ware laptops. Moreover, there is a little curve to the lid, though overall, I was pleased with the building & build quality. The bottom half & the top have a bright grey finish wrapped with scrap, giving it approximately a natural rock finish.

Dell named it ‘Phantom Gray with fleck’ & while it seems rare, I may see why several consumers could not admire it. In contrast, one may mistake the scrap for dirt. The hinge is circled by a gloomy gray panel near the back & to add a little character. There are bright orangish ‘G’ logos around the right air vent & the keyboard bedeck. Still, the critical legends & the keyboard back-light are orangish, which looks reasonable. In the condition of weight and size, this is a throttle at 26.9mm solidity & 2.44kg.

Display and Audio:

Now, come to the Dell G 15 SE display, the 15.6-inch 1080p WVA LCD panel provides a 120Hz stimulation rate & 250 nits of radiance. The contrast seems decent & although the colors are not super strong, my main interest was the total brightness. It needs to be adequately shining and evident while playing videos and games. The 120Hz stimulation rate of this plate is fit for a dell g 15 se gaming laptop at this cost range, & while you may expect a soft feel, there is evident confusion while gaming. This is basically due to the reply time of the plate. As per a number of the trials I did, the Motion Image Reply Time of the board is 7.6ms lower the better. That is not bad; however, there is apparent ghosting. While this plate may give 120fps, you might observe occasional cluttering, especially if you love playing inexpensive titles.

However, color replication is just standard with up to 45% NTSC & about 65% of sRGB coverage. Therefore it is not recommended for imaginative tasks, like video editing or photo. At the moment, Dell does provide an excellent panel option that offers alike 1080p resolution. Though with 165Hz freshen rate & 300-nits light. But that is just available with the further expensive edition that appears with the Dell G15 SE Ryzen 7 5800H & Nvidia RTX 3060 combination. The g 15 se speakers are acceptable. If you are searching for a gaming laptop that will play games & like to do it loud, then G15 is a good choice. Moreover, the audio feature on this gaming laptop is quite extraordinary: the speakers have a good reach of sound from intense bass to higher treble. That is more than other laptops & even a few committed speaker systems.

Keyboard & Trackpad:

Dell G 15 SE has included a full-sized keypad to the G15, involving a number pad & few additional sets of keys, which you could need for daily operations. As discussed, the critical caption & the back-light are in orange with bright lettering & 2 levels of back-light brightness. The keys themselves provide good feedback & fairly nice travel distance. Although there is a good space between them, you may expect a stable typing experience. Therefore, the only beef I have is the little dart keys. Come up to the trackpad. It is not a small side but provides an excellent smooth finish. I might easily slip my fingers roughly, although the left & right clicks at the base also looked quite tactile & responsive. The touch-based also helps multi-touch & Windows sign by default.

Besides the safety catch at the base of the laptop for aeration, the space above the keypad also has a few slits. Thus, fresh air may cool the interior. The exhaust ventilation is on either side & at the back, although the bottom-ignition speakers are nearer to the front. There are also a few ports on the back, including a circular barrel, an HDMI port, a charging port, a USB 3.2 data two Type-C with Display Dock support, & a USB 3.2 Data one Type-A port. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that the Display Dock practicality via the USB Type-C port is bounded to the interior AMD Radium graphics & not the committed Nvidia RTX 3050. As for tuner connectivity, you take Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0

Dell G 15 SE Battery:

The battery on the g15 gaming laptop is ranked at 56Whr, which is entirely down, considering the larger-tier edition provides a higher 86Whr unit. However, I could get just over three hours of battery life. However, doing essential tasks as well as checking emails, browsing the web, writing articles & sort of video streaming. It could be better when it comes up to battery backup. However, you go for the further costly model that provides a higher battery. How much energy may you get? In contrast, it arises with the resource-hungry section & another demanding display.

Dell G 15 SE Price:

According to the price, the dell g15 gaming laptop Ryzen Version is okay. Similarly, I suggest going to at least 16GB of twice-channel memory. Whether your concern is about steady, stable performance, it will not just help in gaming, and it will also be outstanding for web browsing. For customers who are seeing for something which is not too costly. Though powerful enough to deal with everyday work and gaming titles with alleviate. The Dell G 15 SE Version is moving to satisfy.

On the other hand, the AMD 5600H is quite a capable chipset & may deliver superb raw performance & it pair’s right with the RTX 3050 GPU. There are some concerns that you want to consider. Initially, it could be better for flexibility, as it is chunky. However, the battery life could be better. Therefore, Dell G 15 SE is terrific for somebody who desires a desktop replacement—hooking it to an exterior monitor with a fine mouse & keyboard combo.

Similarly, the display is as well entirely a compromise. However, at least the Dell laptop offers the choice of updating to a finer panel. It is a fine-budget gaming laptop, but indeed not good. There are a few selections that you should also review, containing the Acer Nitro 5 & the HP Victus 16, Lenovo Idea pad Gaming 3.


  • MUX switch
  • Great thermal performance
  • Cold temperatures
  • Relatively smart screen
  • Hard & sturdy build


  • Battery life might be improve
  • Inferior display quality
  • Quite heavy to bring around
  • Insufficient RAM in our configuration
  • Mushy keyboard & gluey touchpad


The dell gaming laptop 2022 is a great gaming laptop that is excellent, though you should think about your budget before making a buying decision. The Dell laptop 2022 also has a few drawbacks, involving lousy battery life. The Dell G15 laptop is a fine gaming laptop with a sturdy design & outstanding performance. The just downside is that it may get hot during gaming.

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