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DeathAddict: What is it? Is it legal or not?

DeathAddict: What is it? Know all about it here.

What is a shock site?

A shock site is a website that contains material that is unpleasant, repulsive, or upsetting in some manner (or all of the above). A shock site is a collection of video clips that depict extreme violence or even sexual content to infringe upon the sensibilities of viewers. In addition to being a hate site, a shock site may be deemed one for the simple reason that it offends the majority of its viewers.

Often referred to as a shock site or gore site, a shock site is a website that is meant to be unpleasant or upsetting to its visitors. Still, it may also include aspects of comedy or elicit sexual pleasure in specific viewers. Materials with a high shock value, such as pornographic, scatological, racist, sexist, and graphically violent content, as well as vulgar and profane or otherwise offensive material, are often found in these publications. The content of some shock sites is limited to a single image or video clip or a tiny gallery of ideas, and they are distributed through email or disguised as joke postings on discussion forums. Beheadings, executions, electrocution, suicide, murder, stoning, torching, drowning, vehicle accidents, war casualties, rape, necrophilia, genital mutilation, and other sexual crimes are examples of what may be seen on gallery websites.

Is the shock site legal?

According to current federal and state laws in the United States, snuff videos that show the murder of a human person are not prohibited, even if they are a popular source of content for shock sites. Because the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) expressed concerns about First Amendment concerns, a bill to ban these films was proposed in California in 2000. However, the bill failed to pass after the ACLU raised concerns about First Amendment concerns. Since then, no additional legislation has been enacted. According to the ruling, a criterion was created by the Supreme Court in the case Miller v. California to assess whether material falls into the category of unprotected obscenity. It is required that material “appeals to the prurient desire” be considered obscene, which means the content must have a sexual component.

Deathaddict: what is it?

Are you a gore junky? And if that’s the case, this is the article for you! The deathaddict is a website that displays photographs and video recordings of actual incidents that have a place. This contains horrifying images and tales on various subjects, including fatal illnesses, automobile accidents, suicides, murders, and other crimes of opportunity. Please, whatever you do, do not attempt any of these heinous crimes in your own house, no matter how much you like this kind of entertainment.

Many online sites include links to graphic pictures and videos on the Deathaddict website, built on a forum-style environment. According to the proprietor, they are on their way to becoming one of the most popular shock/gore destinations on the planet. You will soon understand why if you spend just a few minutes looking through their material.

Are we looking for the most popular articles, reviews, and catchy information on the Forum Deathaddict? Here’s what we discovered: does not have an Alexa rating and does not have any estimated traffic statistics. However, we determined that the vast majority of the traffic originates in the United States of America (26,2 percent ). The reputation of this domain is generally reasonable. However, it would help to use caution while surfing it since kid safety has not yet been evaluated.

Domain information: 

The domain is presently hosted on a server located in United States with the IP address, where USD is the local currency, and the local language is English. According to our data, is a domain name owned by Anonymize, Inc. and registered privately. Advertizing income on can generate an estimated USD 1 each day in revenue for the website. Depending on the market, might be valued at USD 957 if it were to be sold (based on the daily revenue potential of the website over 24 months). A total of 455 unique people are projected to visit per day, which is a significant amount of traffic!

As you are all aware, deathaddict has just been converted to a private site. However, Libertas has been kind enough to buy software that allows members to create an invitation code and ask others to become members.

Our investigation has shown that a very tiny number of people have exploited this for their benefit and are now trying to sell these codes on various websites to anybody who may be interested in gaining access.

There is also a significant risk that minors may obtain access once again, and they have removed and will continue to remove individuals who are judged to be under the age of 18.

They regret that they must do this, but all invitation codes will need to be sought via this post and produced by a staff member.

Features of deathaddict:

Below are some of the features of deathaddict that make it a great shock site,


Performance metrics for are provided to show how well the page is performing and identify areas where performance may be improved. This section contains information on optimizing page load speeds, resulting in a more positive user experience. The version of the deathaddict is 97.


User-friendliness shows how accessible a website is, while accessibility possibilities identify areas where the page might be more accessible to visitors. This section contains information on the different page characteristics that may be improved. The accessibility score of the deathaddict is 96.

Best practices:

The suggested best practices that are presently in place on the page are highlighted, as are the recommended best practices that should integrate into their site. This covers techniques such as encrypting websites using HTTPS and other security measures. The score of deathaddict in this regard is 87.


This report measures how well the page is optimized for search engine ranking and highlights areas for improvement for in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). In this category are optimizations such as the provision of metadata. The search engine ranking of deathaddict is 82.

Progressive Web App:

The validity of the elements of a Progressive Web App (PWA) for the page is indicated, and possibilities to enable/improve the PWA of are highlighted in the table. This contains information about web application manifests. The PWA of the deathaddict is 36.

The trust score of is fair. Why? is most likely not a hoax, but rather a legitimate website. We conducted an investigation on the website and came up with an 80 percent rating for Websites having a medium to low risk of being hacked are given this trust score. Currently, our trust score is scanning the web for information to generate an automated rating. We look at 37 different data, including where the website is hosted, where the domain was registered, which technologies are utilized, and how long the website has been online. It is not possible to ensure that the ranking for the forum. Deathaddict will be flawless since it is generated automatically. We always advise you to do a manual check on any new websites you plan to purchase or provide your personal information before proceeding.

The website seems to be secure to use. However, since the website analysis is performed automatically, we always suggest that you check to ensure that the website is safe to use.

Positive highlights:

  • The website “registered till” date is many years in the future.
  • The website has been in operation for many years.
  • We were able to locate a valid SSL certificate.

Negative highlights:

  • It was discovered that the website included an iframe. 
  • When you examine the WHOIS database, you will not find any contact detail as the contact information was not provided therein.
  • This website has not been optimized for search engines in any way, shape, or form.

Review of the deathaddict website:

The identity of the website’s owner has been withheld for security reasons. This may be done for a legitimate purpose, such as spammers using this information to send emails to website administrators. Unfortunately, this also makes it difficult to determine who the owner is. We would prefer it if his real identity were shown on the internet.

The majority of businesses only reserve the name of their website (also known as a domain name) for one year in advance. They have the option to have the registration renewed each year automatically. It is seen as a good indication when a domain name is registered for more than one year into the future. It indicates that the firm plans to continue doing business for a lengthy period. As a consequence, we were able to raise the Trust Score of the forum. Deathaddict.

The domain name for this website was registered many years ago and is still active. In general, the longer a website has been up, the more trustworthy it is. However, fraudsters have been known to purchase already-existing websites and use them to carry out their nefarious schemes, so be sure to look for any other suspicious characteristics as well.

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Iframes or other technologies make it feasible to display the attackers detected information and functionality hosted on a different web server. This does not occur often, and when it does, it frequently does not happen for any legitimate cause.

We discovered an SSL certificate, which means that the information sent between your browser and the website is encrypted and cannot be read by anybody other than you. Legitimate and secure websites always use SSL certificates as part of their security measures. Unfortunately, fraudsters are increasingly using SSL certificates, so there is no assurance that you are accessing a reputable website while utilizing an SSL certificate.

We examined the website to see whether it was optimized for search engines such as Google and Bing. However, this does not seem to be the case. Many things are omitted from this list that is often used by websites to ensure that search engines discover them. This raises suspicions in our minds. Who wouldn’t want their website found by search engines, wouldn’t they? In most cases, this is the case if they do not want to be discovered by law enforcement or brand protection organizations. 

Everything to know about the deathaddict domain:

  • is the domain name for this website.
  • This domain has been in existence for two years.
  • There is one year remaining on its expiration date.
  • Anonymize, Inc. is the company that owns the domain name.
  • Cloudflare’s name servers are and, respectively.
  • The organization’s sponsor is Epik Inc., and the organization’s sponsor URL is
  • The WHOIS server is located at (World Wide Web Information Service). Server
  • is a domain that was registered two years ago. The website is presently available for viewing. 
  • It is now rated #931,791 on the global rankings list. 
  • More than 4,500 people come to our site every day, and the pages are seen up to 2,400 times on average. 
  • According to statistics, the average time it takes for a visitor to open a website is 4.101 seconds.
  • Based on existing visitor traffic, you will estimate that the advertising income generated on the website will be in the range of USD 200 a day. 
  • The website is hosted on a server in Germany, which is a European country.
  • This website is ranked 931,791 on the worldwide web.
  • The overall rating for this website is 2.5 out of 5 stars.
  • It has a search engine optimization score of 46.9 percent.
  • The number of pageviews each day is about 2400.
  • The daily bandwidth is 81.84 MB (2.40 GB each month).
  • The website is worth USD 290,000 in total.

Daily Visitors:

The most recent record was set on July 16, 2021, when around 4,500 people came to this site.

Daily Visitors by Keyword

How does get its traffic? What search terms bring people to the website? You can see from below that there are many visitors to this site who are looking for the word “death junkie” with their visits each day. The top two keywords used by the daily visitors are shown below.

  • Deathaddict (50.46%)
  • Deathaddict (41.46%)
  • Others (8.08%)
  • Domain profile

Server Location:

Where are the servers for the website located? The server is located in the country of Germany. Its Internet Protocol address is

Sites hosted on the same server:

In addition to the website, what other websites are hosted on the same server? This server currently hosts five websites, according to our records. The names of these websites, as well as their positions in the rankings, are shown below.

  • (#36,645)
  • (#292,912)
  • (#62,229)
  • (#931,791)
  • (#246,623)

Homepage Links:

One link on’s homepage, with 1 being an internal link, 0 being an external link, and 0 being another link (e.g., Javascript).

W3C Html Validation:

As a result of our investigation of the HTML of the homepage of the website, we discovered that it had zero errors and zero warnings.

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Other Sites Owned:

Which of the following websites is owned by the same individual that runs the website? The websites listed below are either owned by the same person or by different people.

  • (rank #1,520)
  • (rank #15,848,050)
  • (rank #225,771) 
  • (rank N/A)
  • (rank #1,770,763)

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