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Deans Cards: The Largest Online Marketplace for Sports Cards

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While there might be brick and mortars that sell old sports card collections, Deans Cards has the largest collection. Unbelievably, Deans Cards own over 1M sports cards classified into baseball cards, football cards and other sports cards. That makes it the largest online marketplace for sports cards.

Deans Cards

Founded in 2001, Dean’s cards offer an exhaustive list of vintage sports cards for sports enthusiasts. And, what’s better than having a one-stop-shop for all your vintage card needs?

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I kid you not, but I love looking at vintage collections, especially if they hold significance. Likewise, these cards can be valuable and memorable to some.

In this post, you will learn about why people collect sports cards, finding rookie cards on Deans’ Cards. Also, we will help you sell your old collection on Deans’s Cards.

Do People Still Collect Vintage Sports Cards?

While sports card collection seems like a hobby of the past, you will find many sports’ with this hobby. There are many obvious reasons why people still collect vintage sports cards.

Legendary players on the card

Many people look collect old sports cards because they had a fan moment. And, that’s something only die-hard fans of sports like baseball, football can understand. Right?

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These vintage sports cards offered feature players that included those who made it into the hall of fame.

Rare sports cards 

What makes some cards rare than others? Well, it’s simple. Those cards that were printed earlier hold more value in the market as these are few in numbers, hence rare.

So, if you do come across a sports card that dates backs to some vintage era, then call yourself lucky.

Autographed cards

Cards that are signed by legendary players are cards that are better kept somewhere in a treasure. Not kidding, but autographed cards are special cards that hold value in the eyes of fans.

Memorabilia cards

My favorite set of the collection is memorabilia cards. These might come with some special part, meaning these cards come with a part of the player’s bat, jersey or helmet.

Monetary value

You might already know how some things gain value over time? This is true in the case of old sports cards. The older your sports collection, the more it accrues in terms of monetary value.

Going over Dean’s cards collection is always fun because it’s so neat and sorted. Moreover, you can find plenty of sports card collections on Dean’s Cards. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can even look it up by using its search bar.

What I wanted to find was some nice set of rookie cards. Yup! Ever heard of them? Most probably yes. These are the most popular and valuable cards in the history of sports cards. Here’s how to find popular rookie cards.

Step 1: Firstly, find out which category of sports card you might want? Topps are the famous ones. So, I came up with the 1958 Jim Brown – Topps. You might need to do some research on your own based on year, category i.e. football or baseball.

Step 2: On the left-side panel of the collection, I tapped “1930s-1950s” under Football cards.

Step 3: Right under the Topps, I clicked on “1958 Topps Football cards.”

Step 4: And, here I’m provided with filters to narrow down my search results. You can try many filters like year, team, and even — hall of fame.

And this is how I found my collection of sports cards on Deans’s Cards after a quick look-up.

Selling Your Old Collection of Sports Cards on Deans Cards

What’s best about Deans’ cards is that they can buy your old collection of baseball cards. And, it’s quite easily done than going over shops and wasting your time and money. You can fill out the form given on their page and wait for the confirmation.

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