Dad on the death bed as a result of bowel cancer with a few months left before death claims dog worming medications and CBD oil was effective against the disease.

Dad who has been given a few months before he dies as a result of bowel cancer claims that dog worming drugs ad CBD oil has proven effective against his disease.

40-year-old Scott Davis, who lives in Torquay, Devon was given palliative care after he has been diagnosed last September to be living with bowel cancer.

He was given just a year to live due to the nature of his illness which was discovered to be a terminal cancer.

He began personal research where he learned about CBD oil and dog worming tablets. He decided not to wait for death and deal with the problems himself by consuming supplements, tablets, and dog worming tablets every day as directed by his research. According to his findings, the dog worming tablets he was consuming was called fenbendazole. Apart from this, you can visit this site to learn more about the use of cbd for dogs in case you are a dog owner and unaware of this wondrous substance.

Also, he began to take several vitamins and currently claims his health has improved immensely.

Scott, who owns a building and maintenance agency was able to attain his 40th birthday which exceeded the expectations of the doctors and his medical condition has been stable for about six months.

Scott, father of three stated that he stumbled on content online which indicated that dog worming tablets also known as fenbendazole were very effective with CGD oil against cancer.

He continued that several individuals applauded the efficiency of this medication as it proved to be effective which is why he felt was worth a try. He purchased fenbendazole for only £7.50 every week which he only consumed a pack daily. The drug came in powder form so he only has to sprinkle it on his toast.

He was informed by his doctors in September 2018 that he was suffering from terminal cancer because it was impossible to operate on the tumor. Subsequently, after the diagnosis, he was offered palliative care.

He stated that he felt distraught immediately the doctors broke the news of his condition and he had less than a year to live but currently, it is hard to believe he was even sick.

He had been having stomach pains few months before the diagnosis which doctors felt it was IBS. The pain was later unbearable which landed him on the hospital bed and the tumor was discovered.

This father of three has kept doctors dumbfounded with the astounding turnaround of his condition. His cancer has remained stable for the last six months until his 40th birthday.

Scott’s dog worming toast recipe has been his daily meal. He was given palliative chemotherapy to reduce the tumor but after several months of treatment without improvements, he decided to search for alternatives.

He stated that after his diagnosis, a nurse informed him not to lose hope and gave him a leaflet that described the amazing benefits of CBD oil and other things.

He carried out personal research about fenbendazole, a dog worm expelling medication, and CBD oil. He is already aware that the bowel cancer is incurable but this new discovery has improved his lifespan and he knows other people can take advantage of it. He started the medication in May after he discovered it was effective against terminal cancer.

At that point, he was ready to try anything which he started without delay even before he began chemotherapy. He is aware that cancer is incurable but can improve his life which he knows others can also benefit from it.

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