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Crucial Fire Door Hardware That Should Be Present In All Properties

Fire doors are highly important for any establishment’s safety. It provides a passive fire protection system that helps prevent the spread of fire in commercial buildings by limiting it in a particular area for a significant amount of time. These doors come with associated hardware that can ensure that the fire will not spread easily in the other parts of the property. However, not everyone knows the essential fire door hardware they need to incorporate into their fire protection system. 

If you are planning to build a fire safety protection system on your property, you must note these important fire door hardware to ensure your fire doors’ efficacy. 

Fire Door Closers 

Fire door closers are typically used as hardware that allows fire doors to open for easy access and proper ventilation. However, it also ensures that the door will close automatically when a fire erupts. 

The fire door closers use the energy build-up when a person opens the door to shut it during the fire. There are three types of fire door closers, including the self-closing fire door closers, the automatic-closing door closers, and the power-operated fire door closers.  

Fire Door Locks 

All fire door locks must comply with the requirements mentioned under the AS 1905.1-2005. It means that it should be self-latching and must not possess a hold open capacity. 

The Australian government also requires the door locks on all fire doors and other important entry/exit ways like exit doors, disabled access doors and path of travel doors to have a common lock height of 900 mm to 1100 mm. Also, the government is against any action that will prop open or interfere with the automatic closing or latching of a designated fire door. 

Fire Door Smoke Seal 

All fire doors in Australia need to have a smoke seal to stop the smoke from seeping through the gaps. This fire door hardware in the form of a brush is installed around a door or the door frame. 

Most of the time, the fire door smoke seal features fins that bar the passage of any cool temperature or medium-temperature smoke from reaching the other parts of the building. The smoke often contains toxic fumes that may endanger the lives of those inside the building. With the help of a smoke seal, the hazardous smoke will not spread far from its source. 

Fire Door Furniture 

Several important fixtures must be present in all fire doors. One of these includes the stainless steel hinge, which must comply with all states’ fire safety standard in Australia. These hinges do not require long-term maintenance. It can also withstand any fire exposure that will not go beyond 800 degrees Celsius. 

Another important fire door furniture is the door bolt that complies with the fire safety standard. This fixture that should be present in all double doors must utilise mountain pins. It must also have a latch that can resist improper use.  

Also called Panic Bars, this fire door hardware are extremely necessary, especially if there are plenty of people staying in the building. The fire door crash bars work by bursting open towards an outwards direction when someone forces the door to open.

Establishments like theatres or halls with a higher risk of stampede must always have these devices in their exit points. 

These are all the essential fire door hardware that you must invest in for the safety of your property. With the help of these devices, you will be able to protect your residence or your commercial building from total destruction caused by fire.

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