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Cox Business Email – What is cox business email learn

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Cox Communications  is an American company also called Cox Cable. Cox Communications provides four services; Telecommunications, cloud services, Home Automation and digital cable television. It is on third number in America who provides cable television and serves approximately more than six million customers which include around 3 million cable – subscribers, three and half million internet – subscribers and digital telephone – subscribers are almost three million. It ranked 7th in telephone career in America and its headquarters is located in Georgia

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Among multiple services, it provides virus protections which is part of their coz business email. It protects customers who uses cox business email. It prevents its customers from getting virus and hazardous emails on their computer. This service does not need any activation and automatically configured.

Incoming Email

All emails that is sent to you cox business account are thoroughly check for viruses and malicious threats before delivering it to your inbox or webmail. If email contain any virus in attachment, then the attachment is deleted automatically. 

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Remaining message and other attachment are sent to your cox business email inbox. It is indicated to the customer that there massage contains the virus and it has been removed. No message is send to the  email sender. If the email body contains the virus or infected attachment contain virus and can’t be removed. Then entire email is deleted.

Outgoing Email

If any of the outgoing email contain virus in email body, then the email is not sent to the receipt and is deleted.

Note: Cox doesn’t provide virus warning because in typical circumstances, most viruses comprise a bogus or counterfeit from and reply address and are every so often unknowingly disseminated in bulk mass postings from a computer that has been the unsuspicious victim of a security breach. 

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If we send many warnings to the sender that we are receiving these kinds of emails from your account. Virus will send these emails to others accounts not the sender one so the communication will be ineffective.

Cox Business Services doesn’t read the content of your email messages. This automated solution only detects viruses.

Note: Although the antivirus do provide safety and protect against email transmitted virus. It does not prevents you from downloading viruses file. It also doesn’t remove viruses from your computer

Below are a couple of simple steps to assist you avoid viruses.

• Do not open an email attachment if you do not know the sender. If the message text or attachment name seem odd, although you recognize the sender, question the authenticity before opening it.

• Scan all attachments and files you receive with a frequently updated program.

• Do not download from sites you’re unaware or sites which will be questionable.

• Never download programs from unknown and unauthentic sources like file sharing software. It’s a fact well researched by experts that 70% software downloaded through file sharing are infected with malicious virus or Trojan.

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