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Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a great symbol of love and commitment to your special person.Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring Therefore, you should endeavor to make the right choice of rings to impress. Moissanite rings come in different sizes, styles and shapes. For that reason, making a perfect choice can be a daunting task especially if you are doing this for the first time.Choosing Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

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Top among the things to look at when picking moissanite rings is the cut. This quality determines the symmetry and proportions of the moissanite facets and not the stone’s shape. Most importantly, it defines the quality of the stone to disperse and reflect light to produce a sparkle. Therefore, it is an important aspect that determines the beauty of your moissanite ring.

Making the Perfect Moissanite Engagement Ring Choice

Jewelers use different numbers of facets and rations on moissanite stones to produce various ring styles and designs. Therefore, there will be a variety of options to choose from in the store. Read on to make the right choice: 

  • Stunning Oval Moissanite Cut

Made up of 70 facets, the oval moissanite cut ring produces amazing sparkle and shine due to its well-crafted light-reflecting features. Its fire and brilliance give the illusion of a bigger stone, which is quite impressive.

This ring design has a perfectly symmetrical shape for a timeless and still contemporary ring style. It has the illusion of elongating hands, which creates a beautiful look on your finger. You can choose it as a centerpiece for your ring in either landscape or portrait setting.

  • Brilliant Round Moissanite Cut

This is one of the conventional moissanite cuts for engagement rings. The design produces optimum light reflection with its 58 facets. For that reason, it has great fire and brilliance for a beautiful radiance and sparkle.

The moissanite round cut is a classic and timeless style owing to its versatile nature. The cut reflects light through the stone with well-predetermined and accurate stone height.

  • Adorable Princess Moissanite Cut

Rated among the best moissanite cuts, the princess cut has a perfect square look. It is a perfect choice for light and bright beautiful moissanite engagement rings. The beautiful sparkle is a crushed ice effect observable as the 58 facets of the stone disperse light in all four corners.

Just like the round moissanite cut, the princess cut is another popular cut among brides. It is square from beneath and above with a pyramid shape looking at it from the sides.

  • Classic Moissanite Cushion Cut

Think about the classic moissanite cushion cut as a combination of the contemporary princess cut and the oval moissanite cut. The timeless curve on the princess moissanite cut ring can be set to give either a vintage or modern feel.

The cushion cut with 82 facets is large and allows more light into it. As a result, the reflection of light off its surface creates amazing colors that produce a rainbow effect. Viewing it from the top and bottom sides, it is square-shaped with round corners and cone-shaped when observed from the sides.

  • Conventional Pear Moissanite Cut

The pear moissanite cut ring produces an intense glow and shine. It is a popular choice among brides due to its timeless and appealing look. This cut has a unique shape, which is often stacked over engagement rings and wedding bands.

With 72 facets to it, the pear moissanite cut elongates your finger’s appearance. This cut produces a bowtie effect on your ring with an intense glow when cut to the accurate depth and ratio. It has a shape of a teardrop from above and beneath and appears like an elongated cone to the sides.

  • Elegant Radiant Moissanite Cut

This 54-faceted moissanite cut has a radiant shine. Observing it from the top, it has a rectangular shape with cut and stepped edges. Simply, it is a contemporary design with a sparkle of modified round moissanite cut in a minimalistic square design. It is a top design among all the square moissanite cuts.

With all this information at your disposal, you can easily decide on the moissanite engagement ring to pick. You stand a good chance of making a well-informed decision to pick a ring that matches your fashion, taste and preference. Enjoy your shopping! 

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