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Things to Check For When Choosing a Halfway House in Virginia

A recovering addict in the state of Virginia will probably be searching for a “halfway house near me” to find sober living. Halfway houses in Virginia  are needed to aid in the transition to a drug-free life after treatment in rehab. Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction is a lengthy process, one filled with ups and downs. The initial stage of recovery is very critical because temptations are strong without any supervision, leading to chances of relapse. This is where a halfway house can help. It provides a drug-free and alcohol-free environment where you can learn to adapt to your new life.

What to expect at a halfway house in Virginia:

  • For a recovering addict, going home can be a frightening prospect. There is fear and uncertainty coupled with shame and guilt. Feeling overwhelmed is natural; memories of addiction are bound to crop up and make it hard for you to start off afresh. So, when choosing a halfway house in Virginia, you need to ensure that it offers a stable and peaceful environment. Horror stories about halfway homes are not uncommon. It is probably better to find out about a facility before you check into it. 
  • In a halfway house, you should expect there to be strict rules and penalties for flouting these rules. Without proper vigilance and supervision, maintaining a drug-free or alcohol-free environment can be hard. Sober living is supposed to help you stay sober to accelerate your recovery from addiction. If residents in a halfway house indulge in substance abuse, it may be the worst thing for you.
  • A halfway house should teach you the importance of discipline. Make sure the facility you have chosen encourages its residents to work to pay their rents. They should also engage in household work like helping in cooking and cleaning the living quarters.
  • Sober living homes are expected to be clean and hygienic. If living conditions are not up to the mark, you should search for other options near your home.
  • The staff working at these facilities must be strict but cooperative and friendly. Unless the atmosphere is one of positivity and compassion, you cannot be expected to heal faster. Ideally, these should be managed by past addicts because they know what the triggers can be. They have battled the addiction themselves and are fit to give advice.
  • As a resident of a halfway house, you will be expected to work and participate in social functions. You will be asked to join the 12-step program for recovering addicts and make yourself available for local AA meetings. You have to attend meetings of the house and remain accountable for work. This is the best way to become self-reliant and independent.

So, a halfway house is like a stepping stone into a regular life in society, one free from alcohol addiction. Halfway House Directory will make your search for a good halfway home much simpler. It has a list of halfway homes in different states, and for Virginia too. In case your loved one needs special care, Halfway House Directory will help you find an ideal halfway home.


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