Chic Ideas to Add Green In Home Decor

Green color is known for its freshness and charm. When you are planning to decorate your house, consider adding this shade in rooms. Chic Ideas to Add Green 

There are many ways to add green shade in rooms such as floral wall art, wall paint, green-colored wallpaper, bedding, Chic Ideas to Add Green, etc.

Here are some of the best ways to add green in Chic Ideas to Add Green home decor. 

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Statement Walls


The most traditional way to mimic green color in interiors is to create a statement wall. They take up the ample vertical space of a room and transform the entire look. By creating a statement wall, you can instantly make a room eye-catching.

If you use darker shades of green on the walls of a room, it will look like commanding the attention of visitors. In addition, you can choose other shades to create whatever ambiance you want.

So, you can select from different shades like emerald, lime, mint, sage, etc., depending on your mood and taste. Always choose trending artwork for rooms to give them a new look. 

Mint Green Table 

Green looks gorgeous and trendy in a mint hue. So update your table with the splash of mint green shade to make it up to date. Make a focal point in your room by decorating on the top of this piece.

Either create a great gallery wall above this table with a collection of floral dishes or place the vase on this table. The unique mint-colored table offers a cool touch of color and can make a wall look stunning.

It is best to place this table in the entryway with loads of welcome goodies on the top. It will definitely catch the guest’s attention and become a topic of discussion.

Green Gallery

Green Gallery


There are different ways to introduce green color in your interiors. One of them is to feature your precious memories and collection of art. So, photos and prints are an excellent way to jazz up the wall of a room.

You can either hang them neatly in a horizontal way or create a gallery. You can also layer them in the form of collage to enhance the beauty of a room.

You might think it is challenging to create a beautiful green wall. But it is not different from a grouping of colorful or white and black pictures. Any colored printer can help you to take prints in green.

So, try this technique and have fun by making a green photo display.

Using Plants and Flowers 

If you do not want totally green decoration in a room, add some green accents to enhance the interiors. You can do it by placing flowers or plants in a room. 

It is an excellent way to apply the green trend and create a natural and fresh space. But the question arises which plants or flowers to add. It’s up to you what you like the most.

However, pick plants that complement the décor style of your room, such as boho, minimal or zen. For the zen space, use moss or moss-balls. It is a perfect choice for adding a touch of green to the interiors.

You can also add green plants with flowers to decorate the room. It is perfect to use natural products to enhance beauty and purify the air. But if you can not maintain the indoor plants, then you can put faux one too.

Green Cabinets

Keep the room neutral but add a splash of green color by updating cabinets. Feature green color and make a gorgeous storage area. Add some style and elegance by elevating white space and bringing a modern appeal.

For example, accentuate the green color in the kitchen by incorporating golden hardware. This method works well inside the confines of a bathroom too. This look provides seamless transition all around the home.

Add Accent Cushions

Accent Cushions


Changing the room décor to green is pretty daring but trendy and stylish. However, if you want to stay up-to-date, use green color accessories to add a pop of green and give your room a personality.

So, add green accent cushions on a comfortable and neutral color regular sofa. It can uplift the entire look of a room. 

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Final Words

From the above points, you can judge that green color provides many possibilities to decorate the interiors. By decorating a green-themed space, you can achieve warmth and harmony. You can make your home a place of dreams.

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