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Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas to Try

Cherry blossoms are mainly associated with Japanese culture. During the blossoming period of the cherry trees, the Japanese celebrate by making traditional food meant for these times, and they also decorate the homes with flowers. The beauty of the cherry blossoms inspires most people, and they get cherry blossom tattoo designs in a similar shape to appreciate the culture. 

The cherry blossom tattoos are available in a variety, so you have to choose the design that fits your preference. It will remind you of transience, love, and beauty. These tattoos also represent life because they don’t live forever. Here are some cherry blossom tattoo ideas to try this year. Take a peek.

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  • Cherry Blossom For Girls

Girls can have classy but straightforward cherry blossom tattoos on their bodies. The flowers represent love and beauty, and they are also used as a metaphor for life because the tattoos live up to six weeks. You can have it drawn on your shoulder, just below your collarbone, and in a place that you can cover. 

  • Cherry Blossom For Guys

Cherry blossom tattoos are not only for girls because there are also male versions of the same. The tattoo artist combines various images and inks in the design to bring out a masculine-like cherry blossom tattoo. You can incorporate other add-ons to make the tattoos for men match your taste.

  • Cherry Blossom On The Thighs

If you want a semi-private cherry blossom tattoo, the thigh is a perfect place to get one. The tattoo design is standard among women because they have more shapely thighs to show off in high-slit dresses and skirts. However, it requires the wearer to be bold enough to show off the thigh tattoo. You can have it in various colors depending on your liking. 

  • Black And White Cherry Blossoms

If you don’t fancy bright-colored tattoos, choose the black and white versions. These are more common among women. They draw the tattoos on the legs and lower body to draw more attention. You can also wear them on the shoulders and wear a shoulder-less top to expose the tattoos. Choose flowers that run from the different sides of your body to represent your personality. 

  • Cherry Blossom On The Forearm

What better place on your body to inscribe a cherry blossom tattoo than your forearm? Well, if you are okay with showing your tattoo to the public, ask your tattoo artist to ink the cherry blossom on your forearm. They come in different impressive sizes and designs to cover your entire firearm. Ensure the tattoo is bold for everyone to see and appreciate the creativity. Men can also wear these tattoos, but they mostly suit women better. 

  • Japanese Cherry Blossom

Get the Japanese cherry blossom tattoo if you want a tat to symbolize your springtime renewal. It has beautiful petals that have a short lifespan of two weeks. To add some uniqueness and attractiveness, add a compass to the tattoo. 

  • Cherry Blossom On Sleeve

Women are more attracted to the cherry blossom on their sleeves. The tattoo covers almost the entire arm. You can also have the tattoo similarly drawn on your legs and add some images that are relevant to the tattoo location. 

  • Black And Grey Cherry Blossom Tattoo

People who want dull colors like black and grey can get the cherry blossom tats in those shades. The tattoo is elegant and straightforward and will hardly be noticeable unless you make the ink thick. The artist also ensures they bring out perfect details of the petals and buds. 

  • Small Cherry Tattoos

Women have various trendy blossom cherry tattoo ideas, with this small cherry being one of them. You can choose to have it small and dainty or get it in full oversized pieces. The designer will also advise according to your location and your needs. 

  • Cherry Blossom On The Wrist

If you want a tattoo representing your spirituality, the wrist is a perfect location to draw it. This body part has light skin but energetic bones that give your palm and fingers the ability to be active. Get a highly experienced artist to bring your idea to life and get you a tattoo representing your emotions. 

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