Monday, July 4, 2022
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Israel’s Fallen Hero, Rafi Edry: The Role Model That Every Student Deserves

Who inspires you to do better in life? Ask this question to any student, and they’ll likely come up with names of successful YouTubers,...

Travis Scott Batman: Reasons Why Delete His Instagram Account?

Travis Scott batman decided to dress up as Batman this Holloween, and Twitter couldn't handle the design of his outfit. The musician released some...

Leif k-brooks everything to know about him

Leif K-Brooks, who developed Omegle, a popular chat network, at the age of 18, accompanies previous Under 30 honorees Ben Parr and Matt Schlicht,...

Who’s Mr. Kimin Tanoto?

Entrepreneurship is a journey that requires effort, dedication, patience, and a positive mindset. Before you become a successful entrepreneur, you Who's Mr. Kimin Tanoto...

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