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Casual games to keep you engaged at home

Staying indoors has been more of a necessity in recent times. Keeping oneself engaged when you are away from your social circle is difficult and can get monotonous. Why seek entertainment when entertainment is seeking you? Download the Gamezy app and get started on the games. There are lots of options to choose from and enjoy yourself. 

What are casual games?

Casual games are those which do not require special equipment or take a lot of time to play. The advantage of these is that you do not need to invest a lot of time and they can be over quickly. These can be played in a short break or if you need some time away from work. They have short goals and each level offers some motivation to win. You can choose the difficulty level in most cases and they can be laid-back or competitive depending on your mood. These can be played from your car, your work desk, your home, or whichever place fancies you. 

Let us look at the type of games Gamezy offers.

Casual games at Gamezy

Gamezy has a variety of games that you can play online. You can register on the website and download the app through the link. Gamezy offers a selection of thrilling games that you can play online. You can play carrom, 8 ball, and other such exciting games online. These games will tap into your competitive spirit and make sure you enjoy the time you spend playing these. Gamezy fantasy cricket is an example of one such game. The lovely games will leave you wanting more and make sure you go back every time for another round. These games make you think on your feet and enhance your decision-making skills. They can improve your hand-eye coordination and be tons of fun at the same time. 

How to play Gamezy fantasy cricket?

Gamezy has a lot of games you could enjoy. One of the most engaging ones is fantasy cricket. All you need to do is form a team of players around the world and you will win or lose based on the performance of your players in real matches. It is a game of patience and strategy. It needs analytical skills and yet can be fast-paced. This game is interesting, engaging, meaningful and lots of fun. 

What’s special about Gamezy fantasy cricket? 

Now you can participate in games and win more than just games. Prove your confidence and use your many skills to win. You can follow Gamezy accounts on social media and get access to exclusive tips and tricks. The more teams you build and more games you play, the higher are the chances of you winning the bumper prizes. At Gamezy, you can enjoy winning real cash! You can form your teams and participate in matches with a nominal entry fee. Based on the performance you can win amazing cash prizes!

Play games with your friends at Gamezy

Gamezy allows you to send invitation links to your friends and help them to download the app as well. Once they have signed up you will be rewarded and you can compete against them to emerge victoriously and get crowned as the king or queen of games.

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