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Can You Take the ACT Test Online?

The answer is Yes. You can take the ACT online. Traditionally, the test was taken with a pen and paper, but it has now ideally shifted to the online computer-based mode with the advent of technology. However, you will give the test both online and offline mode. Let us have a brief look at the different versions of the ACTs and check out the eligibility for the online test.

There is something that needs to be cleared right away. The ACT cannot be opted for at your computer or laptop from your home. This is not permissible. What you can do is appear from a registered test center and opt for the examination from the registered devices of the center. The general trend of appearing for an ACT for US students is that they opt for a test on pen and paper. Whereas for International students, the only way out is the computer-based or CBT test. This is being referred to as an online test.

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Taking ACT online ( Domestic ) US students

Though domestic students always prefer a pen and paper form for the ACT, some opt for the online test. Now the fact is, the district of your residence will determine whether you will be able to opt for the ACT online test or not. 

The central authorities plan to make ACT a uniform CBT test across the US, but implementing decisions like this will indeed be time-consuming. All the advent and spread of COVID 19 has stopped all the announcements and decisions regarding the matter of the CBT model of the ACT. 

Though many students still prefer pen and paper-based exams, many students are also keen to opt for a digital or online version of the ACT. With the test being digital, students will have a personalized and secured experience for the test. At the same time, the students will also receive the scores accurately, faster and many more advantages continue. 

Taking ACT online: International Students

For International Students, the ACT can only appear online. Online or computer-based ACT from a registered test center is the only option for International Students.

Numerous factors have made this practice a must. If it is a pen and paper-based exam, then students from other countries will have to come to the United States to appear for the exam. This is a huge inconvenience for the students regarding lodging and other discomforts. So all International students, including those of Canada, are eligible for the ACT CBT test since 2018. 

Taking ACT online: Structure and Tools

As far as the structure and format of the test are concerned, the number of questions and the sections of questions are all similar to what they were in the offline mode. As in the offline mode, in the online CBT mode of the ACT, you will still get access to a calculator and rough sheet. Online mode will have a live timer on your screen to monitor how much time is left. Here are the five most important tools available in online test mode are:

  • Magnifier
  • Highlighter
  • Line Reader
  • Answer Eliminator
  • Answer Masking

All the tools are readily available on the header of the screen.


ACT is one of the most critical tests for college admission. Proper preparation can get you a seat at your deemed institution. However, students must know about all the details before opting for the ACT. You can take the help of expert Landon Schertz If you take the ACT Test Online.

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