Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

Can you get pregnant on your period: Period sex is the most common thing among people, and people are wondering about sex and pregnancy. Some people have been doing period sex as a part of their routine while other people think period sex is nothing but a mess, so they avoid period sex. There are several misconceptions and myths about the sexual and reproductive health of the people.

The following article is all about period sex, and you can get an answer to Can you get pregnant on your period.

Being fertile on a period

People always wonder about sex and period. The simple answer to the question, can you get pregnant on your period, is yes. Sex involves sperms and the ability of the women to conceive. The majority of the women all over the world are unable to conceive while they are on their period. There is a possibility of getting pregnant as the sperm can stay up to 5 days in the reproductive system of a woman.

But the rest of the possibilities depend upon the length of the menstrual cycle of a woman. This can be clearer by the following example. Suppose if a woman has a menstrual cycle of 28 days, and she had sex during the end of the sixth day and ovulate instantly, then the chances of becoming pregnant become higher as a few sperms might survive.

The fine points of period sex

As the women have got the answer to can you get pregnant on your period? So they need to take precautionary measures to get pregnant. Other sex methods, such as the use of condoms, are effective in preventing pregnancy. So to get pregnant, you need to avoid condoms.

Some people have a firm concept that having period sex is nothing but a total mess. So they avoid period sex, but some women have considered period sex safe and enjoyable. Increased levels of progesterone help to increase sex drive during your periods. Moreover, orgasms help to relieve period cramps by contracting the uterus.

Before you have sex during your periods, make sure to remove tampons and menstrual cups to have safe sex.

Also, you should have safe and secure sex methods to avoid mishaps and consequences. Moreover, if tampons or menstrual cups are being used during sex, then they can go deep inside the vagina, and it is quite dangerous.

Logging sex and period tracking

Natural cycles are always there to give an idea to women about their pregnancy and menstrual health. The natural cycles are helpful as they give an idea to women when they can get pregnant and when they cannot get pregnant. Thus is declared that women can get pregnant during their periods. So they can manage their schedules by having an idea about their menstruation and sex schedule. So women should feel it safe to have sex while they are on their period as it shows that there is always a probability to get pregnant when a woman is on her periods.

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