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Can I Get Insurance When Selling My Gold Online?

You might feel enticed when you see a business advertise “We buy gold” online but may still wonder about its safety. Fortunately, you can sell your gold securely as gold buying online today is quick, convenient, Can I Get Insurance When Selling My Gold Online? and backed by insurance.

When you sell gold online, Can I Get Insurance When Selling My Gold Online? you’re given a kit to ship your precious metal. The kit provides the instructions and shipping materials to send your gold for an appraisal.

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Once appraisers at the gold-buying company establish a value, you’re sent an email with a quote. If you accept the price, you can receive a PayPal payment almost immediately. If you don’t accept the quote, your gold is sent back to you free of charge.

Getting Your Gold Insured through a Buy Online  Company

You only want to choose “we buy gold” companies that buy online and insure the delivery.

Use the free FedEx shipping label inside the kit to cover the cost of your delivery and insurance. Using the label and following the directions will insure your package for up to $5,000.

Getting Your Gold Insured for More Money

Maybe you’re shipping bullion and coins you feel are more valuable or that you know are worth a lot more money. In this case, you can request additional insurance coverage. To add the insurance, you need to phone the company’s customer service department and receive written approval. This is done through email.

When you use this method, you can insure your gold up to $100,000. After speaking to a representative at the “we buy gold” company, you’ll receive an email letting you know you’re approved for the additional coverage. You’ll need to follow the steps in the correspondence to ship your items and insure them for the added protection.

Making sure your gold is insured will give you peace of mind so you can sell your gold without worry. Remember, you’ll need to use the FedEx shipping label you’re given to insure your gold for up to $5,000. Follow the directions explicitly in the kit.

Do You Want to Receive Your Cash Faster?

If you want your cash faster, you can receive your delivery instructions by email and follow the shipping procedure via these means. This way, you can avoid waiting 3 to 5 business days for the physical kit to arrive.

Both the insurance and delivery are free. If you do not accept the gold buyer’s quote and ask the company to return your merchandise, that delivery is insured and free as well.

You’ll Need to Buy Insurance If You Ship the  Yourself

Should you assume the responsibility of shipping the gold yourself, you will forfeit free delivery and insurance coverage. In this case, you’ll have to pay for shipping and buy the insurance yourself.

Get Your Gold Appraisal Kit Now

Selling your gold through a gold buying company online is fast, convenient, and secure. As long as you send the gold to the business, per  the company’s terms and policies, your gold will be insured if it is stolen or lost during transport.

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