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As you plan to head towards the campsite with your friends or family, you must not forget the cooking part. And as cooking requires tools and a kitchen, you can build your own with essential tools required for campfire cooking.


And we have got you covered! In this post, we will find out which campfire cooking kit is essentially a must-have for an open-air setting.

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Tripod Stand For Campfire

You can cook nearly every meal with a grill over the flames. However, you can prepare meals by attaching your small pots to this campfire tripod stand. It positions your pots just above the flames!

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Not only pots, but you can hang the kettles or that leg of meat easily for the scrumptious over-the-flame feast.

Rotisserie Grill Or Swivel Grill

Grills enhance your campfire experience by being one of the essential campfire cooking kits. Depending on your preferences, you can either go for a Rotisserie grill or swivel grill. Both serve the different cooking-over-fire needs.

You can place your pots, skillets, and even kettles to perfectly grill and prepare your campfire feasts. Always make sure to bring additional grill gear like tongs to move coals and skewers for toasting marshmallows.

Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is primarily the best choice for cooking meals that serve a large number of people. You can easily place your Dutch oven over a Grill or tripod stand.

Cast Iron Pots

When it comes to campfire cooking kit, the best essential cooking pots need durability. And, that’s why cast iron pots are ideal for open-air cooking. 

Cast Iron Skillets

You sure would like omelet to serve your friends or family. With cast iron skillets, you can craft some open-air morning feasts like eggs and any desserts.

Cast Iron Pie Iron Cooker

From making evening snacks to sandwiches, you can always go for a Pie Iron cooker. It serves many purposes from maneuvering the sandwich to making tortillas. 

Rolla Roaster Forks For Camping

Folding Rolla Roaster forks are perfectly designed sticks for open-air cooking. These are essential cookware for campfire because you can rotate the fork to see if meals are perfectly cooked.

Backup Burner

A backup burner can serve as the alternate to the campfire pit, but it’s important to keep one just in handy. You can choose either gas or charcoal depending on your choice and culinary needs.


Be it serving the warm water if it’s cold or serving some coffee, you will need to bring kettles. Kettles are must-have open-air cooking utensils for a campfire.

Knives And Spoons

You will need a set of knives and spoons as you cut the lamb meat chop. So, always bring those just in case.

Aluminum Foil

Lastly, you don’t want the food to rot. And for that purpose, you might as well bring some tin foil to wrap any food.

Final Words

You can plan the right way of open-fire cooking through the best use of a campfire cooking kit. Along with that, always bring your safety kits like gloves and other tools.

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