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Camp Bow Wow: A Best Service of Dog Daycare & Training

What is Camp Bow Wow? Why should you choose camp bow wow over the other dog daycare and doggy daycare training services? The benefits of going to Camp Bow Wow over different doggy daycare training services. One of the top dog daycare and doggy daycare training services in the country. Many dog daycares in Tampa, Florida, claim to be the best. But Camp Bow Wow’s Campers know what they get when they send their dogs to Camp Bow Wow®. That’s precisely why they sent them there.


How many locations does Camp Bow Wow have?

Camp Bow Wow has over 200 locations across North America. Camp Bow Wow has committed to creating a safe, fun. And a positive experience for all dogs. It includes providing a secure environment for play and customized training plans for each dog in daycare. All Camp Bow Wow’s trainers have gone through comprehensive training programs. And continue to work with their fellow trainers to ensure dogs are being trained in a positive manner. That focuses on rewarding good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. It provides your pet gets nothing but the best possible treatment at Camp Bow Wow. To learn more about Camp Bow Wow’s training methods. Or how you can enroll your dog in daycare, contact us today.

They would love to answer any questions you may have. If you live near one of our many locations, please drop by! We’d be happy to show you around to see firsthand what makes Camp Bow Wow. Such an excellent dog care provider. What is included in a dog daycare? Dogs enrolled in Camp Bow Wow’s daycare program will receive top-notch care. While they’re here. They’ll get plenty of exercise time indoors. And outdoor play sessions every day. Which is excellent for keeping them healthy and happy physically and mentally. As dogs spend time playing with other dogs (and occasionally running off-leash). They also get a chance to practice socialization skills necessary for maintaining friendly relationships with other animals throughout their lives.

How was it like opening during the pandemic?

It’s a huge challenge. When they were doing due diligence for the business. They said the best thing about pet care is it’s relatively insulated from economic changes. It’s not recession-proof, but it’s still a service people get even if the economy’s not doing great. However, nobody’s ever said anything about a pandemic. Because our business is driven by people leaving their homes. Boarding is meant to be the core of our business. And with people not travel for work and people not going on vacation. That’s kind of slow to start, so that’s been a challenge for us.

From a health and safety standpoint, we’re doing an excellent job. I mean, cleanliness is one of the brand’s promises. Fortunately for us, the chemical that they use to clean camp, with the correct dilution ratio, does kill COVID. Therefore, they are just doing what they usually would do. But a little more of it. We did have a lot of customers who were afraid to bring their dog daycare in because they didn’t know if it was safe or not. So cam bow bow had them call in and talk to our vet. And once they felt comfortable coming back in, that was fine. We’ve got some customers who are like, I don’t want my dog around other dogs. So those folks haven’t come back yet either.


The services that they offer:

The core of their business is boarding. So dogs daycare can stay in either a standard cabin or a luxury suite. Luxury suites have cameras on them all night and have TVs in the room so the dogs can watch stuff. Every suite and every cabin has a comfy cot and a cozy blanket. And obviously, we keep water in there, and that’s where they feed them. The motto is ‘play all day and sleep the night away.’ Part of the price of the boarding includes all-day daycare. So the dogs are only in their cabins and suites to eat, sleep and rest. But throughout the day, they are out playing with other dogs.

Their second primary offering is doggy daycare. We’re pretty proud of the facility we have. We’re just under 8,000 square feet, and our play yards have access to the outdoors. So the dogs can play inside, they can go outside. A camp counselor oversees each play yard. So they’re supervised. Camp bow wow separates their play yards by size first and then temperament. They don’t want to have any tiny little dogs paired with any enormous dogs for safety purposes. The third main piece of our business is grooming. Camp bow bow do everything from an essential bath; nail trim to full-service professional-grade grooming.

The process for enrolling or boarding a dog:

For a dog to come here for daycare or dog boarding, they have an interview process where their camp counselors help to introduce the dogs to camp in a safe and supervised manner. And then, at the end of that interview process. Camp bow determines whether the center is a good fit for them or not. And that’s to help with safety. They want to make sure that the dogs will be comfortable here. But interview day is also a free day of camp for our customers. So if you’re interested in bringing your dog on interview day, you can bring him, and he can get his first taste of what it would be like to come here every day. It’s just a way for us to get to know each other better.

So I’d recommend scheduling an appointment on our website so that we can set up an appointment time that works best for you. You don’t need to bring your dog on interview day, but it would certainly help us get some more information about him if you did. If you decide to bring your dog. Please remember that there are no refunds once they’ve enrolled. So if they start coming here regularly. They’ll still be able to go even if they aren’t well-behaved during their interview day. If it turns out that we are not a good fit for them after all. However, there will no refund of any kind. That’s why it’s important to let us know as soon as possible after enrolling so that we can find another camp environment for them quickly.


Their Puppy Program:

This is the first program of Camp Bow Wow. Camp Puppy, is an introductory class designed to introduce puppies as young as eight weeks old to a safe. And a positive social environment. The three-week course also introduces owners to dog care knowledge and general training skills. Camps are capped at 10 puppies and two owners per day. Campers learn basic etiquette such as sitting down, staying and walking on a leash. Additionally, Camp Puppy provides new puppy information from breeders on how to housebreak your puppy before they go home with you properly. This program takes place in our indoor play yards, where dogs can run off-leash in a safe and secure area. Camp Bow Wow: The Doggie Kindergarten Program?

Camp Bow Wow offers doggie kindergarten programs for dogs that have completed their puppy classes or those who need more advanced dog training. This six-week course will help build confidence in dogs of all ages through group play sessions led by certified trainers. Dogs enrolled in doggie kindergarten will learn impulse control, commands like sit, down, stay, proper leash manners, etc. Enrollment in doggie kindergarten is open to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Classes take place Monday through Camp Bow Wow: Dog Boarding Programs? Camp Bow Wow: Look no further than Camp Bow Wow if you’re looking for dog boarding near me.


I’m excited to continue integrating into the community and being the top choice for pet care in the area. Because they offer superior services. They have quite a few good loyal customers. But they love the opportunity to meet new dogs and to care for further dogs. And they love developing relationships with our pet parents as well. Campbowwow like to go the extra mile. A lot of people, when they come in, they’re nervous. In many cases, these are their babies, and they look forward to being able to build that trust with our pet parents. They’re coming to us with a big decision.

So they need to make sure they feel comfortable and confident about bringing their dogs here. So we’re looking forward to continuing that trend. I want my own dog daycare business since I was 12 years old! It’s something that I’ve wanted since then but never had an outlet or an avenue or any way to pursue it until now. So it’s fascinating! It feels like my dream is finally coming true. We’re working hard to build a sense of community around our dog daycare. And we’ve recently launched a camp bow. Therefore, pet parents can log on and see what their dogs are up to while they’re at work, or maybe they want to check on them.


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