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California Casinos Making A Big Leap Into The Global Online Gambling Industry

As of recently the Online Gambling industry has taken the world by storm and the US is no exception. In Fact, California Casinos Making A Big Leap Into The Global the US has recently taken a step towards statewide legalisation of online casino gambling, with several states taking advantage of neighbouring states who are battling the clock to legalise. But what about California? That’s what this article is all about so stick around to learn all you need to know about California and its moves to Online Gambling legislation. California Casinos Making A Big Leap Into The Global

Current California Gambling Laws

In California, various types of gambling are permitted. Some forms of gambling are prohibited under the California Constitution, however, a list of exceptions is provided. Casinos on Indian property, state lotteries, and horse racing betting are a few examples. Certain games, such as banking and percentage games, are criminalised under California Penal Code 330 PC. It is permissible to play social, non-profit poker.

Although Land Based Casinos have been given the green pass in the Golden State, online casinos, unfortunately, don’t benefit from the same liberties. Since the year 2000 very little has changed regarding gambling laws in the state. This leaves online casinos stuck in the mud and unable to operate in the state legally. This means that residents of the Golden state must resort to offshore online gambling if they wish to partake in online wagers. This has ultimately left California losing a sheer amount of revenue to neighbouring states that have decided to roll with the times and legalise the situation to benefit from Taxing wins. Thankfully residents can still sign up legally at offshore casinos while legislators take their time debating the subject.

How to choose a Reputable Online Casino in California

With so many online casinos readily available on the market choosing the right one can be a massive hassle. Thankfully you can reduce your stress thanks to many review sites being readily available. When it comes to choosing a good casino we recommend looking at lists such as the most reputable online casinos with international licences available in CA, here you will find information regarding bonuses, IOS & Android compatible casino sites and detailed information on how to bet legally in the state of California!

When will we see the legalisation of Online Gambling In California?

It’s unlikely that internet gambling legislation will be passed anytime soon for a variety of reasons.

As a result of the wide range of interests represented by the state’s many stakeholders, reaching an agreement is challenging. Voters must also approve any new legislation by a two-thirds majority of the State Legislature. State gambling legislation has a history of being stalled, as seen by recent events.

However, the future of online sports betting seems to be brighter than that of online casino laws. California legislators are cognizant of the possible income loss from sports wagering to neighbouring jurisdictions after the 2018 Supreme Court ruling permitting states to legalise sports betting, which has increased the popular appeal of online sports betting.

This has placed a lot of unwanted pressure on the state of California, not only do resident gamblers wish to see legislation sooner but also the taxmen. 

What to expect if California Legalises Online Gambling

Once legalisation finally hits the sunshine state, be prepared to see all your favourite casino games. Expect a slur of online slots with a variety of different bonuses, paying symbols and cool features unavailable to land-based casinos. Expect a rush to poker tables, since California has the most land-based poker options of any state it’s clear poker is a massive hit sensation.

When will the Big Leap Happen?

Unfortunately, we have no actual date for when the state of California looks to legalise online gambling. The whole process seems at a standstill with not much being said or brought to the public eye. Unfortunately the whole scene seems to be hush-hush while the big dogs discuss important matters. As stated earlier no major movement has been done toward the gambling laws since the year 2000, hopefully, this changes soon and the legislators stop being dormant before it’s too late. By too late we refer to the opportunity of additional tax revenue from neighbouring states. If other states regulate and legalise before California the state will lose out on a massive stream of revenue. 

That being said, legalising is no easy feat, since the governing bodies all have to agree on shares and what’s fair trade. 


The Big Leap does not seem to be happening anytime soon for the California residents. For now gamblers will need to resort to trusted offshore gaming sites to scratch the gambling itch. Even with pressure on the governing bodies no word has been said regarding the current situation or at least has not been made public information. 

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